On beheadings

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If you aren’t a vegetarian now, you may be after watching this video. Be warned.

What’s the point? Beheadings, as in the James Foley story, are dirty, nasty, bloody affairs,  especially with a small knife. The media we were given as proof looks nothing like it should have.

Their media therefore distracts from this critical point by dwelling on the emotional side of the story,  ignoring the obvious side.

Now let me get back to my salad.


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7 thoughts on “On beheadings

  1. xileffilex

    Even crazier than the “beheading” video is the Katie Couric interview with siblings Katie and Michael Foley. And they’re not laughing and smirking because the picture improbably fell off the wall.
    From the Paustal’s most recent channel, having lost some through strikes

  2. xileffilex

    nrmis has posted on James Wright Foley at LRF

    There’s no doubt that he didn’t die, just reycled.
    The Foundation
    Board of Directors [** = parents]

    Diane M. Foley, Founder and President **
    Michael J. Joyce, Vice President
    Ellen Shearer, Secretary
    Doug Patteson, Treasurer
    John W. Foley **
    Martha L. Foley Jackson
    April Goble
    David Rohde
    Jere Van Dyk
    John Kanberg
    William Ryan
    Thomas Durkin

    He was the oldest of five children.

    Note the appearace of “Sting” in the narrative


    Michael and Katie Foley [26] [ Katie Foley, a nurse for the U.S. Navy], was the last person in their family to speak to James, through Skype on the morning of Thanksgiving, before she went to work.spoke with Katie Couric in an exclusive interview on Yahoo! News.

    The siblings said it’s possible James volunteered to die first.
    “I have no doubt … he’s always been that way,” Michael Foley said. “[He] truly cares more about others than himself.

    they’re all there, but you’re not going to find Jim in an online lookup…

  3. Blue Moon

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foley_(f… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Experime…
    Here are some Wiked pages to ponder as you ponder the subconscious effects of these fake beheading videos that go all the way back to the initial invasion of Iraq- The dog movie is a phenomenal fake and was probably made at Lookout Mountain studios- It claims to be from 1940 and Russia but it’s so off the wall creepy that it was probably made to paint Russian science as bizarre as Nazi science-

  4. khammad

    After watching the James Foley beheading video, a few glaring issues arose.

    1) Why didn’t James Foley fight back?

    He didn’t even flinch when the knife first cut his neck. James shoulders did not hunch in a protective manner. It appeared as though he was PURPOSEFULLY sacrificing himself. Before his beheading, he seemed to really get into his speech emotionally, as if to show the audience he really believed what he was saying.

    If I knew I was going to get beheaded, I would be telling my captors to fuck off until my very last breath. What motivation would James have to participate in his own beheading?

    If my captors said “Listen, if you cooperate, we WON’T cut your head off”, then o.k., I might cooperate.

    But instead we get “Listen, we are going to cut your head off no matter what you say or do, so let us tie your hands behind your back, please read your lines to the camera with intense emotion, and it would be especially appreciated if you did not struggle when the knife blade severs your jugulars. “. If ever in life there was a ‘fuck you’ moment, THIS would be it.

    2) There is a serious lack of blood in the beheading.

    If you have ever had a significant injury where the skin was lacerated, then you know how much blood can quickly squirt out the human body. Blood squirts every where before you can cover the wound.

    I saw a guy get punched in the face at a bar. Broke his nose. Immediately, blood started pouring out of his face. The blood was unstoppable. It splashed all over the floor, walls, bar stools, etc. Several bar towels were soaked with blood before the aid car had arrived. It was a mess and there was blood EVERYWHERE.

    3) James Foley’s feet were in perfect condition.

    He must have just gotten a pedicure. No calluses, no blisters, no corns, no hair, no veins, no scars, no dirt (except for a well-placed smudge) anywhere on James Foley’s feet. His feet were absolutely perfect in that there were no imperfections, anywhere.

    It’s as if his feet were fresh from a mold. It’s as if the entire body was made of Latex.

    4) The ‘White House’ confirms this video is authentic.

    Really? This beheading video is easily debunkable. Just google James Foley Hoax. There are several compelling videos already up and running.

    Anyone who works with special effects and latex can spot this video as a fake a mile away. Anyone who works in the medical field will notice this beheading does not represent real life injuries. Anyone who has ever slaughtered an animal would notice the lack of struggle and blood. Anyone in the martial arts will call foul on the video because they know that when threatened with death, people WILL fight back.

    I can only conclude that the White House authenticating this video is a strawman argument, meaning it was MEANT to be knocked down.

    Us researchers are attracted to the strawman argument. We look for the holes and proudly display them, but I think this video is not meant for us.

    5) Consider the average man.

    He won’t be looking for holes in the story. He just wants to catch-up on the news as he digests his dinner, then its off to bed, end of another working day.

    We, on the other hand, stay up late into the night, trying to make sense of senseless news stories. These stories bother us. Our minds can’t rest until the bothersome thing is exposed. We are trying to deal with the trauma to which we were exposed. Our brains KNOW that this particular news story of human suffering and torture was traumatizing to our psyche and we are trying to resolve this unresolved conflict: I saw torture, but I can’t stop thinking about it because the video had a lot of things wrong with it, the torture did not makes sense.

    (Props right here to Lenon Honor, and his ground-breaking book titled “911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program”.

    6) The average man continues to be traumatized well after the news event is over.

    His brain does NOT KNOW that the news story was traumatizing. The trauma he just suffered is stewing away inside his brain. His unconscious mind can not make sense of the video or news story.

    After being traumatized by the story, his mind cannot resolve the trauma because of certain conflicts. One conflict in particular is that the video easily appears to be fake, but the media AND the White House are saying the beheading is real.

    The unconscious mind then keeps replaying the news story over and over trying to resolve these conflicts.

    I believe the media INTENTIONALLY puts out videos and news stories that can easily be debunked in order to create UNRESOLVABLE trauma in our collective unconscious.

    7) Why?

    We can only put together the ‘why’ by looking at the results and then taking our best guess, since we are not the makers of the hoax.

    It appears that people in trauma are easier to control. We are more suggestible and fall in with the party line with much less effort. Society now runs in a predictable manner, the rich get richer, the controllers keep their control.

  5. khammad

    I watched the James Foley beheading video.
    1) Why didn’t James Foley fight back. He didn’t even flinch when the knife first cut his neck. James shoulders did not hunch in a protective manner. It appeared as though he was PURPOSEFULLY


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