3 thoughts on “9/11 predictive programming

  1. javaring

    Arent you feeding into the hysteria by showing people showing you people feeding into the hysteria that is the 911 trauma based mind control?

  2. smj

    the weaselly co-host of the young turks in the clip is ben mankiewicz. his father was this accomplished hoaxer– www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujPidS…

    ben’s brother is a nbc news reporter, he has a cousin who is a screenwriter, and another that is a producer.

    ben’s dad, frank, is the brother of don mankiewicz, a television writer. frank’s father, herman, was the screenwriter who “co-wrote” citizen kane and herman’s brother, joe, directed all about eve and cleopatra.

    small feckin world.

    ps frank got a graduate degree from berkeley.


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