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Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.

Who is Simon Shack? | Jahilliya. – a fresh comment from Evil:

“I agree 100% from my personal experience that Shack and Ab are both total fakes.”

Me too. I’ve just been banned from both forums simultaneously! The administrators and their stooges levelled a rapid barage of phony allegations to demonise and then ban me (my monikers were “psyopticon” and “evil edna”).


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9 thoughts on “Psyopti-blowback

  1. khammad

    Guide to the Psyopticon Shillery Event

    1) Audiochat Aug 12-13/2014 ½
    8/12/14 This is the original audio where Psyopticon’s voice allegedly changes
    2.28.40 “Say guys, hh hi there Unreal and Rollo and uh Ab, how’s things? I uh era ok , I’m looking at yer sss excuse me for my ignorance Unreal, Im looking at you’re um your flag >>>>>>>>>> you know your national flag on your um name you’re your name >>>>>>>>>> what is that, like blue white red, blue white rr orange”
    (Between the arrows is where the alleged voice morphing takes place)…

    2) Audiochat Aug16-17/2014 – ep 122 Afterparty
    8/17/14 This is the audio where Peter Shea confronts Psyopticon for his voice morphing
    Starts at 3:51:25…

    3) Examining Shill Tactics

    8/20/14 This is the video Khammad did highlighting the voice morphing

  2. xileffilex

    I was impressed with the flow of scans of obsure file press cuttings from comprehensive “files”, not to mention footnotes and references, dossier-like. Hmmmmm.
    While we may disagree with the amount of sims used in mass events vs faked deaths of real persons, I found his position that the BMD indeces are peppered with fake births and marriages from the 40s onwards ready to be activated 50 or more years later by whomsoever wishes to organise a terror drill to be quite insane. A big give-away. On the Hendrix scale.

  3. simonshack

    Psyop-teapot-Con wrote:

    “Best guess is that the high command of both sites – and – are integral components of that Tavistock Network. !”

    Rats! Hey Ab, looks like we’ve BOTH been roundly busted by the Evil Psyopti-Con ! What are we to DO now – to make a living ? Augh – will I now have to sell one of my Porsches – or perhaps even my 1968 vintage Rolls Royce?!… 😀

    Seriously folks, with this overnight 180° flip-flop (of the formerly passionate Fakeologist / Cluesforum fan) Psyopticon / Evil Edna character, I’m glad that we now have 100% certainty that no harm was done as we dumped the clown (although he may already be back on our forums under new monikers). But believe me, I (and Hoi) have been through this before – we’ve ‘done that / seen that’, as the saying goes: those clowns use the EXACT same tactics over and over – and over again. I guess it’s a bit funny (that they all act / and play out so darn predictably) – but it’s also pretty lame and tiresome. Alas, that’s just part (and a natural / predictable aggravation) of this valiant quest of ours : to call out the fools and the evil psyops of this world for what they are.

    Let us all grow the patience, calm and staying power to keep keeping on at what we do. This isn’t an easy ‘area of interest’ of ours, if you think about it. This is an ongoing “War of the Words” – since ‘all’ we do here (and we do well) is exchange words with each other, hoping to change the world for the better. Flying over the main target with our opened minds will inevitably expose us, from time to time, to loose shrapnel (and the oh-so-vexing stench!) from exploding gas tanks such as this Psyop-teapot con clown. We just have to live with it, I guess.

    Hugs to all good people here


    1. Ab Irato Post author

      Lovely post Simon. Psyopticon dazzled us with his knowledge of just about everything, and then ended up like a cluster bomb spinning out of control at the end. His post on Jayhilla indicates we were correct in our assessment – otherwise if we were wrong, wouldn’t he be less likely to be lashing out suddenly accusing you and I of being paid by Tavistock?

      I don’t know much about Tavistock. Perhaps it’s time to get Jan Erik and others knowledgeable on the subject to chime in.

  4. khammad

    Regardless of the many different opinions about the entity Psyopticon, the one observable behavior we can agree on is that he was VERY disruptive to this community.

    1. khammad

      An observable behavior from the entity Psyopticon is cutting and pasting casually written text into the chat. This would be in the form of repeating pastes, and pastes that ended with the word “The”

    2. khammad

      An observable behavior from the entity Psyopticon is filling the chat with 120 words per minute for several minutes in a row.

    3. khammad

      An observable behavior from the entity Psyopticon is asking up to 10 questions per minute, for several minutes in a row, making it impossible for members to respond and develop ideas.


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