Another radio voice on 9/11

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Delcroix produces the Charles Giuliani show, so I thought I’d give it a listen.

Not much on to see here. He needs Del on as a guest. Apparently he’s looking for someone to talk about on – any takers here?

Two shows so far on 9/11.

Del, can you set up a the blog so it allows podcatchers to get the audio, like mine does automatically?



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8 thoughts on “Another radio voice on 9/11

  1. onebornfree

    Ab said :”Apparently he’s looking for someone to talk about September Clues on 9/11 – any takers here?”

    Maybe I’d do it 🙂 [Have not listened to the show in question yet].

    Regards, obf.

      1. onebornfree

        Ab said L “You’d be a great representative. Always appreciate your efforts.”

        OK, and thanks. I don’t know how to contact this show. Perhaps you or someone else here might suggest me to the host?


        PS, Ab, I’m unable to do anything with the Teamspeak audiochat software I downloaded- I cannot get access to the internal page you say you have here[ ”… ” ] . When signed in to your site I just keep getting this message: “Forbidden- You don’t have permission to access /UI on this server.Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. ”

        What am I doing wrong?

  2. FauxCapitalist

    Thanks for arranging that show, Del. Here is a summary I shared on Grizzom. I updated one point that I had posted there.

    Interesting points raised:

    – The behaviour of the three astronauts at the Apollo 11 press conference after they had supposedly been to the Moon — acting all weird and nervous, when you’d expect them to be jubilant.
    – Gregg had seen around 500 hours of footage and not once did he see the astronauts completely leave or enter the Lander, and he pointed out that given the air pressure, the door would have to be about 3 feet across in order for them to have opened it on the surface of the Moon.
    – The astronaut who was supposed to be the first one on the Moon said the whole project was a lemon and was killed in the Apollo 1 mission.
    – The supposed Great Leap forward, in only orbiting the Earth in low Earth orbit in Apollo 7 and then supposedly going around orbiting the Moon in Apollo 8, only months later!
    – Claim that the Apollo 1 astronauts were actually murdered.
    – Neil Armstrong repeatedly crashing the Lander during tests, then supposedly lands it perfectly in manual mode just before the fuel runs out, in Apollo 11.
    – No hole underneath the Lander in any of the pictures, despite the thrust of the rocket required to land it!
    – Contradictory statements as to whether the thrusters were turned off much before the landing, or not.
    – The moving flag
    – Noticed the flag suddenly move even when one of the astronauts was several feet away
    – The supposed Chinese Spacewalk with the air bubbles.
    – Bart Sibrel’s video, Astronauts Gone Wild, and Buzz Aldrin’s suspicious behaviour.
    – Neil Armstrong caught faking a shot of the Earth supposed to look like from on the way to the Moon, when they appear to be in low Earth orbit.
    – Massive temperature variation on the Moon, depending on whether you’re in sunlight or not, where it could range from 250 C to -250C, yet supposedly the astronauts are unaffected by it.
    – Why aren’t things bouncing up 6 times higher if gravity is only 1/6th that of Earth’s?
    – How was the Lunar Rover able to maneuver so well when it would hit rocks, given the 1/6th gravity?
    – No stars in the horizon, then contradictory statements, with one of the astronauts later writing in a book that he did see stars.
    – Thousands of pictures from the Moon’s surface, looking so professionally done, yet what about the effects of radiation and heat on the film?
    – Charlie raised a laughable point that may be a smoking gun of one of the astronauts writing in a book about pressurizing the cabin and then throwing things out of the vehicle — should’ve instantly radiated them and blew the vehicle apart.

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