Banana girl questions

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Even my favourite fruit bat is questioning this latest over the top .

My comment: I am thrilled my favourite fruit bat is marrying my two passions,  eating better and fakeology! Freelea this is just another in a long line of faked events going back to the beginning of media,  including the , moon, and deceptions.  Visit my site at FAKEOLOGIST.COM to learn more.

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1 thought on “Banana girl questions

  1. Cobra Commander

    It aggravates the hell out of me every time they say this L Jinny character is the black ninja in these videos. They linked him by vein analysis of the hands, but they can’t tell that the pale as snow L Jinny’s skin tone doesn’t closely match Black Ninja’s dark skin tone? What, he go to Iraq and get a super tan, or did he get a spray tan so he could look good for his film debut in “The Beheading” and the sequel “The Beheading 2”? This would get my vote for a Razzie award for “Dumbest Psy-Op Movie of 2014”.

    And because of this dumb ISIS psy-op, 350 troops be heading (pun intended) back to Iraq.

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