Everyone knows it’s fake

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I hear the media is now acknowledging that the masses don’t buy into the James Foley Beheading video. It’s no wonder why:

Now you already know the James Foley ‘beheaded’ head is a fake. Now the SEQUEL – Sotloff using a stand-in as a pillow.

via Sotloff Neck Rubbing “Beheading” Analysis – Another Cheap Fake REVEALED : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive.

h/t Videre

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6 thoughts on “Everyone knows it’s fake

  1. or e bil

    Sure thing, Joey Z. If you were looking more for a literal explanation of what “Orange is the New Black” means, that would likely refer to the old expression dealing with fashion as “the New Black” being the new fad, trend, or style of the moment. Coincidentally, it’s interesting to note that in the Netflix television series of the same name, both the person whom the story is based on as well as the the lead female character are both named Piper, perhaps referring to a person that one might follow — i.e. pied piper. The latest results of the youth of America’s participation in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is certainly proof that the pied piper is still a mighty strong force.

    As more people wake up to media fakery, they should become more conscious of the presence of the piper, hopefully.

    1. Joey Z

      or e bil,

      Solid posting. Read it three times.

      Sadly, I witnessed the pied piper effect in action today while trying to broach the latest beheading-hoax topic with a “seemingly” intelligent 19 year old college student (wearing his Star Trek New Generation pin) working the courtesy counter of our town’s local supermarket. He promptly provided me with an anti-Islamic website warning about the dangers of ISIS, (as sponsored by our State Department).

  2. Joey Z

    As I posted in the quick chat, now located @ the top-right of your browser –

    Is it just me…or does the campy Steven Sotloff beheading video look
    look like something out of a crappy 1980’s MTV music video???!!!
    (This one is best viewed with the sound off for full effect.)

    I think the name of this music video could have been called
    “Take a little off the top….please.” 🙂

    1. Joey Z

      Another thought – Being that “nut-work” casting saw fit to issue
      the two “C” actors an orange & black costume respectively, does
      this tie into the current meme “Orange is the New Black?”
      (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean)

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