Joan Rivers Mashup

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I can’t tell you whether or not Joan Rivers is really dead. I also never considered that she may have been a transgender. All of this seems out there to me, but hey, so did 9/11.

Jungle Surfer looks into it:

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25 thoughts on “Joan Rivers Mashup

  1. rgos

    Tom, Ab, I have to let you into a little secret: I didn’t know Joan Rivers until she croaked.
    For a Dutchman I’m probably well-informed as to Anglo-Saxon culture but I know I have my hiatuses.
    Joan Rivers was one of ’em.

    She just turned up in the news as another dead comedian.
    And I posted about it in the Robin Williams thread. But I had never heard of her.
    (Her skit probably never caught on with the Dutch TV programmers at the time)

    So I’ve been doing some catching up on her.
    For instance, I watched this interview from the eighties (the timeframe we’re all so fond of). It also has some apt references to British Royalty, by the way.

    The only thing I can say is that if you guys knew her as a comedian and did not call her out as a transvestite before: just what were you thinking!?

    I know the Surfer must have been used to Dame Edna. So were we over here in the Lowlands. And that one was too obvious. But come on. The comedienne that just fell off the perch was your Dame Edna.

    Joan Rivers was a showbiz entity played by a guy.
    Probably several of them.

    1. rgos

      And more close links to British Royalty over here (at the 13 min. mark). She even holds the key to the palace.

  2. lux

    I don’t see anything compelling in JS’s video that makes me think Rivers was a man. He mostly just points out features and says, “Look, that’s a bloke” but he could do the same thing with most any female and create the same doubt. Some women have more feminine features than others.

    BTW, there is another male/female differential physical trait and I haven’t seen this mentioned in the context of “is this celeb a man or a woman?” It’s the “elbow carrying angle” of the forearm as it meets the upper arm as described here:

    I think the Surfer is often right about media fakery but that doesn’t mean he is right about everything. I take his conjecture with a large grain of salt. There was also that recent conflict between him and Betsy McGee which lowered my opinion of him. And, I don’t think his obnoxious manner is winning many friends for fakeology.

    As for Michelle Obama:
    Joan Rivers “outed” Michelle as a tranny on CNN so can there be any doubt that this is a deliberate “leak”? The fact that Jungle Surfer and the MSM are pushing the same message here makes me more than a little suspicious.

    In my mind the question is not: “Is Michelle a man or a woman?”

    Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t. Who cares?

    The question is: “Why do they want us to suspect The First Lady is a tranny?”

    As a PsyOp it seems very similar to the BO birth certificate fiasco. That is, using the “alternative media” to spread a controversy amongst the “conspiracy buff” segment of the population.

  3. Tom Dalpra

    Interesting. What really is the play here?

    I didn’t learn about Michelle possibly having a penis and a set of balls from watching Jungle Surfer videos, or from listening to Alex Jones, for that matter. That rumour was already out.

    Jungle says that he thinks it’s ‘gonna come out’. That they’re gonna make us all feel stupid, if I’m reading him right.

    Where I’m at is that it had already ‘come out’. The idea, at least.
    What we’re observing, I think maybe, right now, and perhaps what it always was, is controlled ‘leakage’.

    Jungle had earlier attached the idea that Princess Diana was also transgender in his earlier videos calling Michelle a Michael. Now he attaches the idea that Joan Rivers was too. Woah! As ab says, ‘this stuff seems out there’. It certainly does.

    Are we seeing a couple of straw people there from Jungle Surfer? Is this deliberate ‘tree-house’ disinformation from the bombastic Aussie?

    Yes, he can be compelling, yes, he can make you laugh, and yes, perhaps we we get the ‘nugget’ from him: ‘Michelle is transgender’. But what else do we get?

    – Princess Diana was a bloke.
    – Joan Rivers ( that ‘Jewish woman’) had a cock at some point too.

    Haha!! Hey, maybe he’s right. I don’t think he is, but maybe he’s a genius and he’s told me something I hadn’t already heard for the first time, but I don’t really care at this point. Joan Rivers and Princess Diana are men too, is ‘for another thread’ if you will.

    Jungle’s leaps perhaps give credibility to the Michelle is Michael position.
    The ‘ out-there’-possibility here, which amazingly, has already looked really quite credible to some of us.
    Jungle’s attempts at obfuscation on the issue may be telling.

    If Jungle’s videos are not deliberate obfuscation and he is either a genius or a garrulous fool, then I’m prepared to take it all back.

    And will continue to enjoy tales from the Jungle, regardless.

    The Joan Rivers reported death is interesting. She’d been off my personal radar for a while before turning up fit and well to drop that CNN ‘leak’ – ”Michelle is a tranny, we all know” and then promptly dying.

    It also made me think, ” Yes, maybe Michelle really is a tranny.

    In Rivers’ timely death we see a very basic broad subliminal message. She said : ‘Michelle is a tranny ‘ and then she died.

    She can take the idea down with her to an extent.

    1. ab Post author

      Good comment Tom.

      The way I look at it, I thought empty towers was ludicrous. Now I am certain of it.

      Is Jungle too far our there for me? Often yes, but I have been wrong before so I am willing to entertain him since he is 100% on board with my view of 9/11 and media fakery. That to me is the start at least of credibility. Anyone who starts there is always worth of a listen. I hope that is sound logic.

      1. rgos

        The Surfer may be overshooting the mark (“Diana was a bloke”) but we may be undershooting it: “Joan Rivers was a bloke” is something I can swallow.

      2. rgos

        And, hell, Tom, your comment made me take a look at the Surfer’s videos about Diana, and I have to admit it is late now, and I’m probably not thinking straight, but the guy is onto something. Diana as a freak show, with a tranny as a stand in, as an endemic part of English culture, with a staged death as a bombastic show to top things off. I think I can buy that. Sometimes we are too close to the subject (as you wrote somewhere) to have a good look and need a view from the jungle down-under.

      3. rgos

        Mm, no picture of the castle. I’m close to opening a thread on the forum: Diana, the Tranny Stand-In, but I’d better sleep on it.

          1. rgos

            But then again, Ab. There are guys who drive 6 hours to see very female-looking women. And they might still be blokes.


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