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9/11 Open House – 9/11/14

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What a great broadcast!


Well, it’s a big week for a blog that concerns itself with 9/11/2001, the biggest military media hoax of our generation.

Since my schedule has me very busy, my thought is to have an open house audiochat on 9/11/2014. So get thee over to audiochat.fakeologist.com and familiarize yourself with the setup.

Since many people may hit the site this week, I’m wondering what fakeologists could tell a brand new person to media fakery what 9/11 was all about. Landing on the main page here doesn’t help much, so perhaps we could speak to newbies like they are four years old and give them a set of high points that won’t send them spinning and may get them to want to research more.

I’ll leave this post at the top of the page for the week. If you decide to audiochat during the week, let’s discuss the comments that you and others leave below.


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How to break through?

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Good sensible discussion about the state of 9/11 research. Fetzer let his guest speak a bit more. Sadly, no discussion on media fakery.

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