9/11 Open House – 9/11/14

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What a great broadcast!


Well, it’s a big week for a blog that concerns itself with /2001, the biggest military media hoax of our generation.

Since my schedule has me very busy, my thought is to have an open house audiochat on 9/11/2014. So get thee over to audiochat.fakeologist.com and familiarize yourself with the setup.

Since many people may hit the site this week, I’m wondering what fakeologists could tell a brand new person to media what 9/11 was all about. Landing on the main page here doesn’t help much, so perhaps we could speak to newbies like they are four years old and give them a set of high points that won’t send them spinning and may get them to want to research more.

I’ll leave this post at the top of the page for the week. If you decide to audiochat during the week, let’s discuss the comments that you and others leave below.


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17 thoughts on “9/11 Open House – 9/11/14

  1. Tom Dalpra

    On 9/11/01 I was working in Mill Road, Cambridge, England, in a big shop ( an ex funeral parlour I have vague memories of owning part of! Long story – Dead loss! ).
    There was a betting shop next door. Ladbrokes. I was in there all the time. Every break, every dead hour, after work and during it. Same story -Dead Loss!

    (I’m a changed man. Later I moved on to another addiction,
    researching 9/11…I kicked that too…but seeing as it’s seasonal )

    I walked in the Ladbrokes and the guy I knew behind the counter said ”Look at this” and pointed to the TV up above. He explained that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre and that it was ‘crazy’. The sound wasn’t up. All they were showing was one shot of a smoking tower. A fairly distant shot.

    My clear memory is that I thought: ”What a weird grey, vague image”. It was fuzzy. Almost black and white sort of cctv quality. You couldn’t see any detail. It was all dark. I strained my eyes looking at it. It was as if it was just a tiny bit out of focus. It just seemed a little bit weird.

    As I write, I’ve gone back and looked for the footage I saw. Now, this video was all I could find easily by googling ”BBC live breaking news 9/11”. This is it. No HD quality BBC video of one of supposedly the greatest acts of terrorism in history, is in sight. Maybe I’m missing something ?

    Anyway<this is some of the footage I saw.

    Note the timing is wrong strangely here on this video. It claims to be 14 minutes long but is only 10. This affirmed when at 1:50 the (oddly-stilted in delivery) newscaster says ‘for those of you joining us at the top of the hour.

    I swear she laughs when she then says: ‘And we’re washing(yes) pictures of smoke billowing out of the WTC in New York”. ha! The camera sways around like it’s drunk throughout.

    The moment of the second impact is 4:56. With the handily placed banner half obscuring it ( that’s what they were made for , yeh? ) the cartoon-like plane sneaks in. As with the handy banner obscuring the impact in the US and UK footage, both countries’ live coverage from that day also included a timely ‘crossing’ to an on-the-spot reporter at that moment. In the case of the BBC footage
    just AFTER the impact. He reports sudden explosions and chaos and people running away and then it’s back to the studio.

    Absurdly the BBC anchor, AND her specialist , her producer ( surely it was obvious? ) and anyone else in the studio looking at the screen, for that matter, DID NOT SEE THE PLANE it appears.

    UN BE LIE V ABLE Y it’s not until 9:08 that there’s ‘reports that there MAY
    have been another plane? How is that possible? I suggest it’s not.

    The specialist in the studio was called Jim Fish. Fish missed it.
    Is it relevant? I don’t know, just struck me, if you live there you’ll know very well that this other incident of a famous Fish ( Michael) ‘missing something’ on the News is notorious in recent British TV history.

    Fish missed it again. Mmm, definitely something fishy going on somewhere…

  2. UNreal

    What about building up to 9/11 with some movies ?

    The Towering Inferno (1974)
    >a poorly built tower threatens to fall down due to fire & kill the people inside

    King Kong (1976)
    >WTC climbed by King Kong after originally climbing the Empire State building in 1933

    Meteor (1979)
    >WTC exploded and collapsed after meteor hit

    Die Hard (1988)
    >the horror of being trapped in a tower materializes filmed in 20th Century Fox’s Los Angeles headquarters,,,

    Escape from New York (1981)
    >NYC as a maximum security prison where everyone would like to escape Manhattan,,

    Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995)
    >WTC figures in various scenes

    Mars Attacks! (1996)
    >a UFO destroys the Landmark Hotel and Casino (Art Land’s Galaxy Hotel in the film)

    Independence Day (1996)
    >alien spaceship dustifies the Empire State building

    Skyscraper (1996)
    >Anna Nicole Smith lands in helicopter on a building (the Zitex) held by terrorists

    Armageddon (1998)
    >WTC severely damaged by meteor shower

    Deep Impact (1998)
    >WTC hugely damaged by an ocean wave

    Godzilla (1998)
    >NY Chrysler Building destroyed by U.S. military by mistake,,

    Entrapment (1999)
    >final heist takes place in Petronas “Twin Towers”

    1. khammad

      I was just talking to Videre about this on audiochat!

      There MUST have been a media ramp-up to the original 911. What did that look like?

      UNreal, excellent array of ramp-up!

    2. Jim Hollander

      Happy 911 everyone! I always check on my rabbit trails, one of them was Jim Stone… His blog always makes me laugh… but I did think this was interesting. I haven’t verified if it did air 6 months before 911 and it was not a movie. However this TV series predicted the Alex Jones 911 theory almost exactly. 10 mins of it on youtube.


  3. simonshack

    Excellent micro-summary by Khammad – aka “K” !

    K wrote:

    “the area was cordoned off early in the morning on September 11, 2001
    no civilians were ever able to make it to lower Manhattan
    the twin towers were demolished with conventional explosives
    under the cover of a military-grade smoke screen
    ***all the tv imagery was pre-made so that nothing was left to chance***
    so the people would believe the government story
    this story needs constant maintenance.”

    “Constant maintenance” – now that is very well put, I just love that line, K ! We are all construction workers !

    However – you also wrote :

    “The 911 psyop has far reaching plans
    which, unfortunately, we can only see in hind site”

    You really meant to write “in hindsight”, no ? 🙂

    1. Blue Moon

      My only caveat with the overall thesis is that the commute past the towers, at least underground, was still underway as late as 8:15am on 9/11- A good friend of mine who I trust without hesitation, did indeed pass through the WTC subway stop at that hour- Now it doesn’t overturn the scenario as it is quite easy to clear subway space quickly, but as far as getting through underground, that did happen quite late- When the subway trains stopped running is a mystery- What was going on above ground could have been as stated- The area blocked off to the public early on- Smoke screens raised, etc.-

      1. khammad

        I would be interested in the particulars of that story.

        Where was your friend coming from and going to on 911? What was the purpose of being in lower Manhattan? Was anyone else with him? Was that day’s journey a normal routine or out of the ordinary? Was he there when the towers fell? If so, how did he escape without harm? Did he take any pictures?

        1. Blue Moon

          Khammad-He was a clerical worker (a long term office temp) at the New York Times, across the street from the Empire State building- He lived in Brooklyn and commuted every work day so this was just another morning for him- He told me he saw most of the action on TV from the office- He probably saw what you and I and everyone else saw-As far as smoke and whatnot, he did not elaborate because I did not want to give him the third degree- This was a few years ago when I hadn’t fully grasped Simon’s arguments- He claimed he had a second cousin die in the rubble but he said he had never met her and only new about the “death” from third hand sources- He admitted that story did not pass my smell test so we dropped the subject- It was this conversation that helped me formulate the opinion that urban legends were heavily salted amongst the populace to such a degree that everyone would be something like six degrees or less of separation from somebody allegedly killed or injured- I do support the idea that there may be as many as 6 million (yes, magic number alert) intel assets at one level or another in this country, so the dissemination of these urban legends across a broad span of lives is very likely- Sorry I don’t have more details but the few NY’ers I’ve met are always concerned about me even questioning the official story so asking about it must be done with some delicacy-

          1. Blue Moon

            The only music he plays is on an iPod- As for pictures, he did not have a camera on him- Cheap cell phone cameras were a year away in the USA- He also had a girlfriend to find and they joined the mass exodus over the Brooklyn Bridge-

  4. rgos

    Interesting and sobering remark, Ab, about people under 21 not being able to form a meaningful opinion on 9/11 just because of their age.
    As the official version is going into the history books, that generation won’t have a clue.
    Most of my generation hardly haven’t got a clue. Makes you feel old.
    Still I think our generation has formed a better opinion on JFK than the boomers ever had. So there is hope.

  5. khammad

    THE 911 CONFUSION, version 1.0
    Some arabs got into some planes and hit some things. Some people died.

    The Government said:
    the arabs did it
    just like you saw on tv

    Some Paid Opposition says:
    some people in the government knew it was going to happen
    but didn’t stop it
    what you saw on tv was manipulated
    but real
    to hide the truth

    Some Fakeologists say:
    western society is secretly lead by a few groups of global elite
    they control governments and militaries
    real power does not exist where you think
    what laws were made as a result of 911 were planned ahead
    what wars were waged as a result of 911 were planned ahead
    whatever benefits were gained from the twin towers being destroyed were planned ahead
    the area was cordoned off early in the morning on September 11, 2001
    no civilians were ever able to make it to lower Manhattan
    the twin towers were demolished with conventional explosives
    under the cover of a military-grade smoke screen
    ***all the tv imagery was pre-made so that nothing was left to chance***
    so the people would believe the government story
    this story needs constant maintenance
    which is best evidenced yearly by 911 themed news cycles
    we call it a psyop because we have to be continually lied to
    in order to reach certain global elite goals
    the 911 psyop has far reaching plans
    which, unfortunately, we can only see in hind site

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