Pancake collapse

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It’s important to be vigilant for key words and phrases during week, even here in Toronto. Here’s an odd story that brings in key words and phrases, evoking the 9/11 terror mind control event. The video is anomalous, as it doesn’t look like there is any kind of urgency to find any bodies. How does one know for certain a body is dead when it hasn’t been found?

On a point of local information, this area of the city is known for tear downs, where old houses are routinely destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up. Toronto real estate is among the most valuable in North America, where land is at a premium and lots are at least half the value of most property in the city proper.

One man is dead after a house under renovation in Toronto’s Bedford Park neighbourhood collapsed on Tuesday.

The collapsed house had stood between the two houses visible here. (Stephanie Matteis/)

The house was destroyed in what firefighters call a 0;pancake collapse,” in which the whole house fell directly down in one motion.

Three people were trapped. One man freed himself from under the house and another man was rescued.

The third man was pronounced dead around 4 p.m., said Bob O’Hallaran of Toronto Fire Services. He said it would be late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning before firefighters are able to recover the body.

The men trapped after the collapse were said to be working on the house renovations.Around 11 trucks and 45 firefighters responded to the house collapse.

via Bedford Park house collapse leaves 1 dead – Toronto – CBC News.…

KR: Yes, I was. At the time I was trying to be really helpful. I felt I was trying to protect my company’s reputation, actually; although I was increasingly suspicious that something was going on that was not above board. So I asked about things like the Pancake Theory,

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