Rotten pears

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Over-the-top children’s programming.

This is what we’re up against – it’s powerful and well financed. Who’s going to listen to a bunch of cranks here when you’re up against Hollywool’s finest bullshit artists?

h/t Critical Mass

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1 thought on “Rotten pears

  1. Carole Thomas

    This is the Callery pear tree.
    As Critcal Mass points out on Clues forum you can buy sweet- looking jewellery ( $29) modelled on this particular tree’s blossoms.

    Not a very sweet-smelling tree though, our Callery.
    According to Wicked:
    The tree is known for its distinctive smell, which has been described as reminiscent of rotting flesh … ”

    Quite an appropriate pear tree to be found in the rubble.
    (You must admit these guys do have a sense of humour!)

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