Building 7 smoking gun

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Here’s a real zinger for the Building 7 enthusiasts like Richard Gage and co. Simon’s theory on the real point of leaving building 7 standing all day (if that is in fact what really happened as they say). I haven’t given too much thought to the smoke that day, but clearly it played a crucial role in the WTC . This is a fantastic theory Simon!

THE 9/11 SMOKESCREENAs my readers will know, I have long theorized that – in order to pull of the in bright daylight and fooling all onlookers – a thick military-grade smokescreen was raised around the WTC area BEFORE the towers were brought down with safe / 100% reliable conventional demo explosives. Now, theories are all good, but they are better if they can be supported by plausible & feasible explanations as to how exactly this smokescreen may have been technically / logistically achieved. So allow me to submit a little illustrated essay which, hopefully, will make sound sense to everyone. Even though this all remains in the domain of speculation, I find it an interesting thought exercise. I hope you will too.

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