ep124-9/11 show with Simon Shack

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Showtime: Saturday, September 13, 2014 8:11pm EDT

Guest: Simon Shack of cluesforum.info



A woman who has spent 13 years trying to find a couple whose wedding photo she discovered in the rubble of got the thrill of a lifetime yesterday when she finally got to speak to someone from the picture, and learn that all are alive and well.

Every year since the horrible attacks took place in NYC, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe has posted a scanned image of a photograph of six people at a wedding, and each year she got no response.

Until this year.

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13 thoughts on “ep124-9/11 show with Simon Shack

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  2. FauxCapitalist

    I also think the top media anchors were in on it, and that shows what total frauds most of them additionally are, for pretending to be ardent opposers of Republicans, President Bush and especially neocons, but with 9/11, we have Bryant Gumbel, for instance, participating in an event that gave Bush another term to do nearly everything that Gumbel and other Democratic partisans would claim to oppose. You can see how he said he was embarrassed that Sarah Palin got to host the Today Show, for instance.

    This leads to a psy-op aspect to it, with the perps showing us how phony the left-right political paradigm is at the highest level of media and politics, and then with the controlled opposition, with the likes of Ace Baker, brazenly putting out a self-professed anarchist to gatekeep media fakery that empowers the shadow U.S. government to subversively gain and wield even more power than it had ever had before.

    And then you have other gatekeepers in the alternative media, who will remain nameless for now, who are open opposers of Republicans and Bush, yet they are wittingly or unwittingly emboldening the very rogue and criminal actions undertaken since 9/11 that they claim to oppose, which is further evidence that leads me to suspect that most or all of the alleged deaths were faked in order for the witting ones to go along with it, in return for mostly money.

    1. UNreal

      What if it was the other way round ?
      What if the newsanchors were agents who worked as newsanchors in order to deceive us on that very day ?
      the 9/11 operation is of a scale where this kind of devotion is in place from the perpetrators view, much in the same fashion Kennedy might just have be groomed to be a TV president to be sacrificed from an early age,,,

      1. FauxCapitalist


        Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric, for instance, had already been big anchors for awhile.

        Aaron Brown is a particularly suspicious case, however, in apparently joining CNN in the summer, and suddenly doing his first broadcast right on 9/11.

        I think all the top-level anchors who hold their positions for more than a year or so are already known to be useful assets when the time comes, based on past scouting.

        Alex Jones is an instructive example as a supposed alternative media personality, in that he told the truth about being approached by a group of media people who said they would make him the next Rush Limbaugh. The only thing he lied about is not taking that deal. It probably happened in the mid 1990s, as he was even doing local cable access television, so we can presume that the top mass media anchors were long regarded as safe and fully pliable by the time they got their first contract, for some of them, more than a decade before 9/11.

        1. UNreal

          i agree. It is of course possible to recruit anchors as you suggest.

          my point is more that if i had the choice and owned the media, i’d be more inclined to consider the news-media anchor as a major part in an important special operation long in the making. if nothing should be left to chance, my preference would be only trust a highly skilled, experienced and devoted agent to the crucial part on tv.
          seems like both Katie Couric (father news editor @ United Press) and Bryant Gumbel (father judge) come from the right milieu/background for an early recruitment, if this should be the case in their regard,,,

        2. simonshack

          Dear Faux Capitalist,

          Please know that BOTH Aaron Brown and his co-anchor Paula Zahn had their first day on CNN on 9/11.


          “Aaron Brown (born November 10, 1948) is an American broadcast journalist most recognized for his coverage of the September 11, 2001 attacks, his first day on air at CNN.” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Br…

          “Zahn began her work at CNN on September 11, 2001, joining anchor Aaron Brown in the coverage of that day’s terrorist attacks as her reaction to the events she witnessed. “ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paula_Za…

          Hmm… WHAT exactly are the odds of this occurring? Any statistician in the house? Seriously now: it should be glaringly obvious that 9/11 was foremostly a media-supported hoax – and that ALL the TV anchors covering the event were in on it.

          1. UNreal

            on the subject of newsanchors on 9/11, i nearly forgot the fact that TV news serve us lies and PsyOp’s all the time,,, so i’d dare suggest that ALL the important news-anchors are agents, regardless of 9/11….

            IMO there is no such thing as an honest tv-host on a multimillion channel/project. TV is a tool much too important for mass mind-manipulation.

            if anchors are paid deception-agents, then the reason for Aaron Brown & Paula Zahn to have their first day on CNN on 9/11 would be to deceive us into believing 9/11 was an exception from standard media procedure,,,

  3. UNreal

    As always with Ab & Simon: Great Discussion!

    I’m an hour into the show, and when the question about how the perpetrators proceeded it always seems like the 911 operation must have been something else,,, prepared in a couple of years with a special team and unlike any other operation,,,
    what if it was just business as usual ?

    it seems to me that we can look at for instance @ the nuclear bomb as a good example of how this type of military grade operations are prepared and led with a summary exemple of discoveries as time-reference:
    -radioactivity by Henri Becquerel in 1896
    -Hans Geiger establishes radiation 1910
    -Rutherford models the atom 1911
    -the neutron discovered by James Chadwick 1932
    -Hideki Yukawa push the theory of the strong force 1935
    -nuclear fission in discovered by Lise Meitner in 1939
    -nuclear fusion discovered by Hans Bethe in 1939
    -US military start the Manhattan Project in 1942
    -Atom bomb “Trinity” tested in New Mexico july 1945
    -The game is on: Hiroshima & Nagasaki august 1945
    >the “A-bomb” operation continue to our day and probably will be active for the foreseeable future,,,

    Just as the build-up to the nuclear arms threat and politics was about 40years in the making, the WTC explosion and socio-political agenda might have been 30-40 years in the making as well…

    So, we might have seen just the top of the nine-eleven iceberg (1/9) and to believe it was a “very special” operation might be an erroneous way to analyze 911,, If we believe special arguments or reasons were needed to persuade those involved for this PsyOp, we could very well miss out on the true nature of the modus operandi.

    every element & participant of 9/11 were (imho) prepared well in advance & according to standard procedure as established in the 30 year period the operation has been active,,, and 9-11 still is active, of course, 13 years later,,,

    If i dare speculate, it might well be the downgrading of the Apollo space-program as of 1972 that constituted the moment when personnel & budgets were reassigned other missions, amongst which 9/11 figured.

    1. simonshack

      Dear UNreal,

      I cannot agree more with this – and you sum it all up superbly. In fact, you beat me to it (to put it down so clearly) – you bloody Norwegian ! :-D.

      However – and not to belittle your great post, by any means! – I believe that both here at Fakeologist and at Cluesforum, we are all gradually realizing the ‘big picture’ staring right at our faces (or the elephant in the room, if you will): this world’s population has been duped & lied about virtually every MAJOR events / achievements / discoveries in the fields of science (apart from the very computer I’m typing on now) and geopolitics – to name but two big ones. It’s probably a tad simplistic of me saying that (almost all) of these deceptions have been “pulled off” with fake imagery – fed to us by the complicit mainstream media.

      However, I would urge everyone (as I keep doing these days) to view / get familiar with the staggering amount of crass, obviously entirely “Hollywood-crafted” propaganda footage fed to the public ever since the first day that TV entered our homes. I assure you that it makes for highly entertaining viewing – even though, in the back of your mind, some sadness will arise – as you slowly start realizing just HOW MUCH the USA (nay, this entire planet!) “relies on lies”.

      The efforts deployed over these last decades in putting together this audio-visual propaganda crap (entirely designed to fool the people with) is simply staggering – if you think about it.

      Here’s a pretty recent example of what I’m talking about:

      The Moment in Time: The Manhattan Project

      Once again bravo, Unreal – for reminding all and sundry to keep in mind that 9/11 is by no means an isolated / unique one-off “deception-exercise” thrown at the (mostly) unsuspecting masses. It is part of a longstanding scheme to dumb down we-the-people with. And no, I won’t apologize for bringing up the “dumbing-down” cliché : it is undeniable that, on the very top of the Nutwork clowns’ agenda, is to perpetuate the la-la-land which they have built around us – for all of us to live (and die) in.


      1. UNreal

        hi Simon, glad to read your comment.

        completely agree with your stance on “dumbing us down. seems we are led slowly deeper each day into the darkness of the cave Plato described so well..

        we might even consider that the reason we are constantly fed fake realities could simply be that no herd is more easily managed than a completely (september) clueless herd ! I’ve got a suspicion that the Nutwork has such a delight of polluting our minds that their favorite trick is to feed it to us backwards,,, just like Nobel, the father of explosives, giving birth to the peace price,,, to which Alfred (All Fred meaning “all peace” in norvegian/swedish) will be remembered,, what a noble fellow !

        Ohh, and when i look at the documentary it is so nice to see that pyramid capstone “trinity” statue, it kind of tells us what we are about to see ! It is also telling in the documentary what a complete lack of reasonable details we are faced with, reminds me of astronuts in space: all they do is using a screw-driver and hammering bolts when they’re not eating or showing us how to pee in a vacuum wc,,!!

      2. Jan Erik

        Great post Simon. The size of the deception they have pulled of is beyond the ability of most people to take inn ! BUT we have to talk reason,logic and truth ! This is not a popularity contest !


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