Swallowed then burped

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If there’s any doubt that the hoax management program is still in full effect, then this new radio interview with a brand new anonymous tower dweller will change that.

So many gems in this entertaining account, I’ll name a few.

0;the building swallowed the plane and burped out a fireball”

0;the police officer was frozen”

Listen at your own risk. Prepare for maximum fiction and out-loud belly laughter.

This show was broadcast September 4, 2014. It is now archived here Use Player Coming up today and every Thursday at 7:00 pm Pacific 10:00 pm Eastern 02:00 GMTWill be archived here after the broadcast by Friday. A Survivor Speaks Out This weeks guest is a courageous individual and a supporter of AE911Truth who was at, and in the South Tower and witnessed 9/11 firsthand. Despite experiencing severe emotional and physical trauma like so many thousands of other 9/11 survivors, he is spe

* Duration 1:02h, Play Position: :29

* Published 9/4/14 12:50:20 AM

* Show Notes: noliesradio.org/archives/88063

* Podcast Feed: NO LIES RADIO » 911 Free Fall (noliesradio.org/archives/categ…)

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2 thoughts on “Swallowed then burped

  1. simonshack

    That was an extremely funny piece of bullshit. What a poor actor (and alleged “eyewitness to plane crash RIGHT OVERHEAD HIS OWN HEAD”). However, loved the part where he starts weeping disconsolately.

    Does “NO LIES” radio have no shame?

    Here’s the same lame actor interviewed by another actor, namely Luke Rudkowski – a young CIA operative contracted to act as the leader of “WEARECHANGE” – the government-sponsored “9/11 Truth Movement”:


  2. khammad

    The emotionally upset eyewitness can now officially be called a liar. We already know that tens of thousands of people did not work in the twin towers.

    Dear Mr. Emotional Witness,

    You are a liar.




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