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They make it look so easy

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CDI is so good.,…they make it look so easy.

Not much of a dust cloud, a bit of a spire on top, a lean to the right, a few squibs. Some may compare it to the PORTRAYAL of the destruction of Building 7 shown over and over again.

Note the many camera angles. What would you give to see the REAL collapse footage? Only a few have seen it I suppose.

Look who came to my lawsuit

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In determining media fakery, we look for many clues. We look for anomalous pictures, magiK numbers, and recurring actors like one Kenneth no-so-Feinberg of 9/11 vicsims fame.

General Motors’ program to compensate victims of accidents that involved defective ignition switches has approved claims for 19 deaths, at least six more fatalities than GM has officially linked to the faulty part.

via Feinberg team approves 19 death claims in GM ignition switch case.

Now I’ve owned a few GMs, one good (after massive incentives) and one that I literally gave to my mechanic (who loved it for its income it generated for him).

While this might look like bad publicity and turn off potential buyers, studies have found that negative advertising gets noticed more and has a net benefit. (see my old post here fakeologist.com/2014/03/19/are…).

I therefore postulate that this is a fraudulent story (with perhaps a kernel of truth deep down somewhere) that shows besides the media, some of the biggest corporations participate in media fraud in a big way.

This is course sets them up to be willing partners in any government type psyOps. This also illustrates the symbiotic link between corporations and government, which if taken too far meets Mussolini’s definition of fascism.

Welcome to it!


“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”
? Benito Mussolini

Simon on Feinberg:



Back in April 2010 – on the Reality Shack forum (the precursor to Cluesforum), I expressed this thought about Kenneth Feinberg:

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