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9/11 review with Faux Capitalist

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Good audio with Jason breaking down the 9/11 Hoax.

Jason,  it’s OK to let your listeners know that the interview you heard with Simon was on this site. Why do you break down audios by time so well but fail to give your listeners basic links and resources to further research?

In addition,  please update your own blog with your audio and make available a working rss feed for your audios.


H/T Delcroix

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Exposing Faux media comment

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Great all encompassing comment on Jason Erb’s site on the 9/11 Media Fakery deception.

I just listened to the audio you did on 9-11 (you should post it on your front page, it’s already posted at Mami’s and Delcroix’s).


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Seeding similar psyop stories

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Guest packed call tonight discussing, among other things, how psyop stories and actors are seeded throughout the media controlled and centralized system to appear local.  Turns out the scripts are the same,  and only the names change. Boiler plate psyops, using franchising concepts like any other corporation.


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