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This story is odds – as in the odds to win again after 18 years are staggering. Notice no-one did the math on that.

I can’t know whether any story is true, but it’s certainly easy to discount the far-out ones.

Instead of a story about how their life changed after winning much more last time (allegedly), we get barely a commercial for the lottery.

A Nanaimo, B.C., couple that won the lottery 18 years ago has done it again.

In 1996, Charlene and Orest Gulka matched all six to win a $2.7 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot. Then, last month, the couple bought another Lotto 6/49 ticket, winning the guaranteed $1 million jackpot.

via B.C. couple stunned by second major lottery win | Metro.

Here’s a big winner story. No numbers, just more fluff promotion.  Why do these two kids look like actors? Why wait another two years to marry? All sizzle and no steak in this story – what I suppose people have come to accept in the media.


“She can have all the ice cream she wants now,” he said.

The couple said they are still in shock.

“You can’t put it into words, you can’t comprehend something like this,” Bourret said, choking on his words.

The pair plans to wed in two years. In the immediate future, they want to “take a vacation and just spend time with our families,” Bergeron said.

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8 thoughts on “A lotto stories

  1. lux

    Gosh, it’s so easy to win the lottery jackpot that some people win more than once! I’ll have to run down there and get me one of them there lotto tickets toot sweet!

      1. lux

        Certainly possible.

        Or, maybe it’s just any excuse to make a lottery win “newsworthy.”

        “First Siamese Twins Win Lotto Jackpot!”
        “Fisherman Catches Winning Lotto Ticket!”
        “Pet Cat Picks Winning Lottery Numbers!”

  2. aralsea

    The radio coverage was funny. The girl bought the ticket and they are not married…yet… so it’s HER money not his. So I’m sure he’s gonna be quick to tie the knot now… ( :

  3. UNreal

    If the lottery is a scam there would be a lot of “fakery” produced to sustain it, which definitely seems to be the case. the newspaper stories can hence be seen as infomercials ?

    Another subliminal message such stories convey is the illusion that anybody can be rich,,, which is an important part of maintaining the cerf in custody of his own imagination and voluntary cerfdom,,,

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