Nuance or derail

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Simon warns us that shills will cozy up to the research, agreeing with 98%, and then hit the switch and derail the train heading straight for the media’s 100% integration with the military/power structure complex. Is one of the few other-forum supporters, Andy Tyme, such a persona? Andy has so far refused/ignored my request for an interview.

To be sure, the desperate, multiple and ongoing efforts to shift the blame away from the TV NETWORKS’ total complicity with the hoax have been relentless over the years. Here are a bunch of them, listed in random order:….



It would appear that nukes and 0;it’s not the media” are the only two topics the shill infrastructure is willing to defend. All the other silly stories are losing their grip (vicsims, the Jooz) on the 9/11 mind controlled masses. More and more researchers are staring at the target and asking “now what?”

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