ep5-K Ham radio

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K Hams it up with Ab for her fourth outing on the radio.


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11 thoughts on “ep5-K Ham radio

  1. Jiller

    Very interesting cancer discussion between you and Ab last week. I enjoyed listening to the different angles you both came from on the issue. In 2008 I read a book called World Without Cancer by G Edward Griffin. Although the book was actually written in 1973 or 74 it’s just as relevant now as then, if not more so. In an extremely well written, easy to understand book, that’s hard to put down, Griffin explains the science of cancer and our natural ways of coping with cancerous cells i.e. our own pancreatic enzymes and vitamin B-17. The same vitamin B-17 that in its medical form, Laetrile, is outlawed in the US.

    Anyway, another tidbit about the cancer industry that I deduced from reading this book…they don’t want to advertise that pregnancy test kits can indicate to any human, regardless of age or sex, whether they have active cancer in their body at the time of the reading due to their elevated levels of the hormone hCG. history.nih.gov/exhibits/thinb…

    “However, the test’s usefulness as an accurate tumor marker alone might have justified the patent, since by then the team had already used the test on Clinical Center patients and proved its reliability.”

    Why would they want to hide that really helpful piece of information that they discovered while doing research that was supposedly funded by taxpayers. And why would the manufacturers of the pregnancy kits not want to use that as a selling point? They could double their market share by adding the world male population plus more since even kids get cancer…maybe it works for pets too… but, I don’t know about that. I have noticed lately there have been articles indicating this type of cancer test kit will be forthcoming but really it’s already here and has been for decades.

    Well that’s my angle on cancer in as few a words as possible. Looking forward to your next show. Got myself an MP3 player. Going to start downloading for listening on the go so I’m hoping for many more shows.

      1. UNreal

        5 is a very special number, it is the fift number in the fibonacci suite, and if you multiply it with 2, like 1+1, it becomes 10 which is the base of the binary system,,,,,
        lol, what i really wanted to say is that ep5 was a great show (best one yet!) really enjoyed the discussion and your reading of Hoi’s post !

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