Escalator man’s photos

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Further to Simon’s chat message, here are some 0;unseen photos” from the famous “new” witness Ricky. Simon will surely verify that these are the same old pictures being passed on as new.

It has been over 13 years since the tragic day of and many who have

survived that horrendous day are still having a hard time coping with

everything that happened. One of those people affected is Ricki, a

survivor who lived through the worst of that day and is still

suffering physically and mentally from the trauma. He has explained to

us the shell shock and post traumatic stress he goes through almost

everyday that made him close off and not develop the photos that he

took that day. In an exclusive interview he gave WeAreChange, Ricki

has entrusted us with those photos and told us to publish them. We are

releasing all the photos that we were given for you, 13 years later

that no one else has seen. Ricki still has other photos that have not

been released, these are the photos that we are given and we are

letting you make up your own mind about them. Please also note Ricki

is not a professional photographer and grabbed what he could to take these photos.

via EXCLUSIVE: Never Before Seen Photos from 9/11 RELEASED | We Are Change | We Are Change.

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3 thoughts on “Escalator man’s photos

  1. simonshack

    The bottom line of this is – of course:

    “Truther” organizations such as Luke Rudowski’s “WEARECHANGE” or Richard Gage’s “AEfor911 TRUTH” are an integral part of the 9/11 hoax scheme. In other words, they are official gatekeepers financed / employed by the very 9/11 perps themselves.

    They both periodically roll out and promote crass actors such as this latest “Ricki” clown (the ESCALATOR GUY) – or that Matt Campbell clown (a British AEfor911TRUTH militant who claims he lost his brother Geoff on 9/11) who now wants me to be “flogged in the stocks” for not buying his pathetic lies.

    > see:…

    How can the phoniness of these purported “9/11truth organizations” get any more transparent?

  2. Tom Dalpra

    You’ve gotta smile at Escalator Guy – he had ‘some cameras’ on him. Yeh right.

    I was drawn to some of those pictures on that Luke Rudowski link. Starting at the ninth one down there’s a series of 6 photos from nearly the same perspective, which could be presented as a subliminal narrative.……

    We see the famous WTC ruins framed in the background as we look down a street. The shop sign down the street on the right, appropriately reads ODD JOB.

    Next we have a ‘yellow man’. I’ve talked about yellow men before. I’ve seen them used in subliminal messages. It makes sense in that yellow simply stands out. Yellow is also apparently the most influencial colour psychologically and has connotations with cowardice.
    With the introduction of Yellowman we also have the street sign arrow brought into view. A distinctive clear white, the arrow points towards the WTC and is framed in a way that works with the words ODD JOB. It says ODD JOB and it points to the WTC from the ‘O’ of ODD JOB.

    The next picture opens up and we see the arrow still framed with the ODDJOB sign but there’s an open manhole that comes into view and some yellow piping lying beside it.

    Next shot we see yellow man apparently turning and facing in the direction of the arrow.

    Then the next shot he’s gone. Nowhere to be seen. Just an empty manhole.
    We look up to the right – ODDJOB has gone as well.…

    Quirky little set of pictures.

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