The RICK SIEGEL dossier

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Simon on another shill:

I just realized that this 0; AND SHILLS” section of our forum lacks a thread dedicated to the m

ost spectacularly bold / blatant yet insidious “truther”-shilll of them all : the alleged “amateur videographer” Rick Siegel. I was reminded of the clown today by the good Joan Edwards over at Fetzer’s “REAL DEAL” blogspot. Hopefully, you will all enjoy reading this little piece of historical ‘drama’ leading up to the gradual exposure of the fake 9/11 imagery – which, as we will see, must have caused some panic among the MSM gatekeeping crowd…

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1 thought on “The RICK SIEGEL dossier

  1. xileffilex

    Simon has placed Siegel alongside Jim Kosior as another purveyor of fake collapse footage. Just the narrative itself gives it a smell test fail. The full length film has reappeared here

    The duping woman from 1:55:00 onwards [and 2:00:16 and 2:01:00 is…
    Norciva Walls-Kosior

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