Propagandizing with legal abandon

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I’m not sure about the timing,  but perhaps the Snowden was the first 0;legal” operation directed at the American people.  Before, I’m sure the intelligence/military simply worked around the law and put some effort into concealing their hoaxes.  Perhaps now they think they can operate with abandon and be careless and carefree in their actions.

The US government has a bit of a PR problem at the moment, thanks to Ed Snowden’s leaks and a decade-plus of general antipathy towards its constituents’ rights and liberties growing out of its War on Terror.

Fortunately, the government now has a chance to aim its official version of today’s news at US citizens, thanks to the repeal of a so-called “anti-propaganda” law earlier this month.…

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3 thoughts on “Propagandizing with legal abandon

  1. khammad

    With this article, I will try to answer what is the Smith-Mundt Act aka the Propaganda Law, and why was the repeal implemented July 2, 2014?

    Wait, repeal the propaganda act? But our US government uses propaganda every day. Was it illegal before 2014?

    This whole “repeal” thing seems to be about FUNDING, not the free-for-all that Adam Curry is suggesting. Clearly, our government does not need a law to give them permission to lie. They do it all the time. A little background is in order.

    Propaganda Law = Smith-Mundt Act = The US Information and Education Exchange Act of 1948 = The Bloom Bill.

    According to the wiki,
    “ . . . it would provide legislative approval for a new peacetime instrument of foreign policy.”

    The purpose of this propaganda act in 1948 was to make permanent the funding for propaganda that had been already going on around the world during WW2.

    In 1972, the Act was amended to read that propaganda “shall not be disseminated” inside the US.

    In 1985, the Act was amended again to read “no program material prepared by the United States Information Agency shall be distributed within the United States”.

    Funny thing is that the courts read the 1985 amendment to mean propaganda products were to be exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests because this operation was strictly overseas. An amendment that was promoted as a protection for the American people, was used to hide itself from the public.

    In 1990, the Act was amended again to permit domestic distribution of program material “12 years after the initial dissemination” abroad. It would seem that this material just perhaps might be a little out of date and therefor have little desired effect.

    The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 changed the funding restriction in the Propaganda Law that now says money can also be spent inside the US on propaganda, right now, no waiting. This took effect July 2, 2014.

    One of the reasons given as rationale was that there are large communities of foreigners living in the United States. These groups need to learn how to be good Americans. In order to do this, “Educational” material needs to be produced and handed out. The propaganda law will pay for it (including books, websites, videos, audios, etc). This is why the original act is titled “The US Information and Education Exchange Act of 1948”. Education = Propaganda.

    I still had one question, is propaganda really legal inside the US?

    According to the Propaganda Law, this next excerpt has never been changed from the original Act so it is still in force: “No funds authorized to be appropriated to the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors shall be used to influence public opinion in the United States.”

    Adam Curry got me worried about nothing. Did Mr. Law Reader even read this law?

    Legally, propaganda is still illegal if it is aimed at the public. Nothing has changed. The government is STILL not supposed to dole out propaganda. The government will STILL hand out their “talking points” and news stations will still read it verbatim.

    Conan O’brien has highlight how our “local” news media is not local at all, but follows a script, nation wide. I feel it is important to show the reader just how rampant our modern day illegal propaganda has become.

    Conan and his team has done a great job putting together all these clips. Here are a few things to google to see some examples:
    • Newscasters agree frank ocean celebrity pee
    • Newscasters agree Valentine’s I Love You
    • Newscasters agree don’t worry be happy
    • Newscasters agree Yeah, baby
    • Newscasters agree Christmas present or two
    • Newscasters agree childs happiness
    • Newscasters agree easter bunnys springless steps
    • Newscasters agree gas prices on the rise
    • Newscasters agree cyber Monday
    • Newscasters agree twinkie trouble
    • Newscasters agree I scream you scream
    • Newscasters agree time for dogs to have social network
    • Newscasters agree end of email overload
    • Newscasters agree salty campaign days
    • Newscasters agree conan Obrien push envelope late night television

    Here are a couple of videos that people have made, where the newscasters all speak at once, saying the same thing.

    Conan pushing the envelope in unison HD

    Conan – Mike Myers Yeah Baby in unison

    Is propaganda legal when targeted at the general public in the US? No.

    Is propaganda seen every day? Yes.

    What did the Propaganda Law change? Only funding.

    I do have this one hope though. Now that propaganda is also allowed to be disseminated in the US, then the Freedom of Information Act might also be allowed to peer into the inner documents of the propaganda machine. Who will be the first of us to try?


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