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I know there are many fans of Brian & Co’s show … and it’s apparently back (coincidentally while I’ve been busy) from a hiatus.

Radio Archive – The Real News

I’ve credited Brian before for getting me off the site and its terrible audio and chat. I find I agree with much of what he has to say, and I thank him for shouting out to this site in the above audio’s last segment.

That said, the site that’s done the most to further the revelation of the ,, one that I promote and champion, has members who have serious doubts about Brian’s persona.

Now I admit I am clearly not the best at determining shillery, to wit the psyopticlown debacle that clearly duped me (if not for his final outburst on Jayhilla blog, I’d still be unconvinced).

Since this is not the, but we like talking about the forum, perhaps this is a good opportunity to hash out what Hoi Polloi (someone I hold in the highest esteem, and have said so many times publicly) has written about Brian, and Brian’s subsequent responses.…

This got me thinking: is Brian S Staveley a simulated entity? The spelling on his site is decent enough, but when he appeared on this site, he started hitting keys twice, forgetting to capitalize words and generally his entire text persona disintegrated. He also refers to himself occasionally in the third person on his site – in the title of the show – which could be construed as humor but of what kind? Mocking his own role as a pretender?

The thread is quite long but worth reading. I am on the fence on this issue, but am remaining vigilant on the subject and looking forward to reading the views of readers here.  I’ve told people to even question me, but readers should know that I am not willing to share any more of my persona for verification. I understand that either position holds risks for my credibility, which I accept as part of this entire .

Anyone who engages in research into this complex and well managed military psyOp should expect no less than a very bumpy ride. It’s not for the faint hearted.

This post is important and within the realm of my research for a good reason. I am investigating media AND hoax management. The two subjects are intertwined, like the alleged double helix DNA molecule.

While much or most of the 9/11 imagery is fake, the personas that manage and promote the 9/11 deception are NOT. There are real people portraying fictitious characters throughout the entire myth. Family members, participants, officials, researchers, news anchors and media celebutards are all actively being spoofed to this day and for the future. We need to make this distinction when explaining our research, since the two are easily confused to anyone who chooses to only lightly peruse the operation. Two and half years later I am still trying to unravel the two.


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