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helix was a media extravaganza AND a military hoax.

Like the twin towers, these two pillars intertwined to create the biggest military media psyOp hoax of our time. I know this description is a mouthful, but I think it’s important to use all these terms (perhaps even more) when describing this first day of the new millennium.

It’s with this understanding that I’d like to create a spreadsheet composed of two 111 row columns. We will place and re-arrange in order of significance two concepts:

Column 1: the most important evidence or factors describing the of the day

Column 2: the most important evidence or factors describing the psyOp hoax elements of the day

This is a flexible idea. The point is to create a powerful tool for illustrating the powerful to others who have no clue where to start their research. Charts and handy guides are one way to get a handle on the enormity of this event. This blog is a mish mash of ideas and concepts that is hard to navigate. There probably is no good way to impart fakeologist wisdom on others. A bullet point list like this might help.

As always, your thoughts are welcome.

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    Come here to discuss my latest collaborative project, the 911 Double Helix Project.

    This is a list of 111 (for the 111 floors in each tower) x 2 (for each tower) of points that fakeologists can use to illustrate to others the magnitude of the 9/11 deception.

    Like all of our other collaborative spreadsheets, it’s a work in progress and we can shape and bend it to what makes sense.

    Your input is appreciated!


    Great idea, Ab! Prediction: This list will be quite compelling!

    K Ham

    Tom Dalpra

    Excuse me for being a pedant, but 110 floors wasn’t it?

    My ‘glaringly obvious 9/11 point’ was on-the-lines of ‘planes don’t melt into buildings’. I was convinced of TV fakery by the ‘nose-out’ shot, of the plane seen to be going ‘through the building’. When Shack showed me that, I got it.



    Many count the mechanical room on top, so I chose 111. Otherwise, you’re right.
    Make sure you add it to the spreadsheet.


    Can I get a collaborative spreadsheet for monster trucks?


    Good idea, Ab, but I’d rather (also) like to see a spreadsheet listing the elementary parts (plus examples thereof) of a generic psyop. You could call it the Boilerplate Psyop spreadsheet.

    Here’s some elements I’d like to see listed on the spreadsheet:

    Names and Numbers
    Crisis Actors
    Duping Delight
    Inside Jokes
    Striped Shirts
    Water Bottles
    Good Weather
    Prior Art
    Primal Images
    Movie Set
    Psychic Driving
    Useful Idiots
    Hoax Maintenance
    Controlled Opposition
    Limited Hangout
    Culprit Immediately Found
    Pristine Passports
    Confusion: Plane or Missile? Shot or Stabbed?
    Patsy Gets Killed
    Occult References
    Fear and Fraud
    Money Scam

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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