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Adolph Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told

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If youtube banned them, then they must be saying something worth listening to. I found this movie last year:

Reviewing the facts has never been more dangerous.The most outstanding point for me in this video is that it was Soviet/Stalin propaganda against Germany that became historical fact.

via The only event in history enforced by law | Fakeologist.com.

They’re now at thegreateststorynevertold.tv. I don’t pretend to believe to know what happened. I do think there is an artificiality and puppet aspect to all leaders of today and in the past. I don’t think the jews engineered the wars, but as usual, were put front and center to distract from the real perps (the elite/rich disguised as jesuits/masons/smom/name the group). I do believe this movie is an important counterbalance to the prevailing history out there. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle.  Whatever the result, we DO need to try and understand what was being obscured and hidden and why Hitler and Germany and Germans in general are demonized TO THIS DAY.

Here’s an audio with the creator of the series.

Deannas guest today was Dennis Wise, the producer of Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told. (MP3) Tagged: education, Germany, history


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