Adolph Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told

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If youtube banned them, then they must be saying something worth listening to. I found this movie last year:

Reviewing the facts has never been more dangerous.The most outstanding point for me in this video is that it was Soviet/Stalin propaganda against Germany that became historical fact.

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They’re now at I don’t pretend to believe to know what happened. I do think there is an artificiality and puppet aspect to all leaders of today and in the past. I don’t think the jews engineered the wars, but as usual, were put front and center to distract from the real perps (the elite/rich disguised as ///name the group). I do believe this movie is an important counterbalance to the prevailing history out there. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle.  Whatever the result, we DO need to try and understand what was being obscured and hidden and why and Germany and Germans in general are demonized TO THIS DAY.

Here’s an audio with the creator of the series.

Deannas guest today was Dennis Wise, the producer of : The Greatest Story NEVER Told. (MP3) Tagged: education, Germany, history

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7 thoughts on “Adolph Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Wow Blue.

    To think back to studying Hitler for ‘A’ Level age 17 in College in Cambridge England in 1985. You know what? They never mentioned any of that! Haha.

    Give me about a year to take that in. I’ll get back to ya!

  2. Blue Moon

    To echo what I said in Ep: 111- Hitler is a military grade smoke obscurant to hide Wall Street/City of London’s instigation and maintenance of WWII and its place in official history- I do not believe Hitler was real, had no background as they claim and so this video maker inverting Hitler’s story to sound more sympathetic and therefore apparently more plausible is doing nothing more than if telling the story the way it has always been told- Believing Hitler had anything to do with control of Germany IS the psy-op, no matter how you spin this fictional character-
    Just to refresh:
    The name Hitler was almost certainly an alias-
    His background was scripted to appeal to both working class and military grunts-
    His alleged artistic gifts were there to allow him to opine authoritatively regarding high, middle and low brow culture and thus allow aesthetic censorship as well as control of public opinion-
    His special revelation when allegedly wounded and blind was concocted to appeal to the mystically minded upper crust- It also gave him an air of divinity, like a St. Paul or Buddha- He likely had no combat experience, just military intelligence training (No one has denied his intel service)
    He was played by more than one actor- The podium-speak Hitler in the newsreels is an actor, I am 100% convinced of that-
    He did not write Mein Kampf- He had no vision beyond what was scripted for him- His economic policies were the work of others and largely crooked bookkeeping as Nazi Germany was not designed to last a 1000 years as they relentlessly stressed- It was designed to re-arm and attack the Soviets- Nothing more than that-
    There was probably no Eva Braun and certainly no suicide in the bunker- (Heads of state do not hang around when the enemy closes in- They take to higher ground and start negotiating/plotting a return to power)
    As for why Germany is still picked on? Royalty and bankers in the last several centuries have had German blood pass through their veins (ie, Guelphs/Rothschilds/Hanover/Saxe-Coburg und Windsor) Germans as war mongering crazies is good camouflage to keep people from seeing the inbred elites behind the curtain-

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Wow Blue.
      To think back to studying Hitler for ‘A’ Level age 17 in College in Cambridge England in 1985. You know what? They never mentioned any of that! Haha.
      Give me about a year to take that in. I’ll get back to ya!

      1. Blue Moon

        Well, Oxbridge college in Royal England would be the last place I’d look to get a fair appraisal- I’ve read Ian Kershaw and there is a lot to glean from his orthodox examination of Der Fuhrer, but with my Fakeologist goggles securely positioned, I see there a lot of what we see today with, for example, Barry O’Bama, Harvard Grad- Script writers in the employ of the moneyed elite/industrialists create boogey men and rile the blood of the unemployable marginals to go to war to make bank for “college” and their abandoned mothers/sisters/illegitimate whelps- The actor on stage is paid to sell the historically inevitable- But then this is the broken record rap of statism- Preaching to the choir, no doubt…

        1. khammad

          This choir member thanks you. Awesome post! So much great knowledge. I need to reread you post a few times to let it all sink in. This idea is all new to me.

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