Ep7-K Ham radio

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K Ham is back!  Lucky 7.

With guest Tom Dalpra


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6 thoughts on “Ep7-K Ham radio

  1. Blue Moon

    Inversion happens all the time in psy-opery- State the bullshit, have an idiot or a plant state the opposite- One of them must be right, right? Sometimes its called controlled opposition- Sometimes its outright double-think- The reality is 50 miles off the coast where you can’t quite see it- Or do like Elvis and just leave the building- I think I left the building when I left my mother’s womb-

  2. khammad

    Tom and I figured out how to test the flat earth theory, easy.

    Find an island 50 miles off shore. Using a telescope, see if you can view the island.

    The earth should have bent enough by this length to hide the island. If you see the island, then the earth is either bigger than we thought, or flatter than we thought.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        My take on concave earth, for what it’s worth, is that it’s probably as much brilliant bullshit as the convex earth theory.
        It’s just a mirror image of a clever fraud.

        My impression is you can make concave theory work pretty much how you can make convex theory work.
        Being an inverse model its possible to make the numbers fit in a similar way, if you will.

        Hollow earth is famously attached to Cyrus Teed, apparently a one-time alchemist, New York doctor of alternative medicine and self-proclaimed messiah – Koresh’ who started his own community -his own alternative civilisation.

        Teed based his business structure on the model of Standard Oil of New Jersey. For Teed to have an alternative civilisation it makes sense for him to lay down a similar paradigm as the establishment. A bullshit theory on the shape of the earth.
        Concave earth is a simple solution. He did the same with religion. His alternative saw not our ‘Father’ in Heaven, but ‘Our Mother’. The other alternative but still sexist! haha

        Teed’s civilsation a mirror of the establishment’s false model.

        . Perhaps we can see geocentric and heliocentric versions of Earth and Sun movements in a similar way.

        So yeh, to my recent surprise, I think concave and convex theories are probably false models.

        But what do I know? I’ve been fooled before!

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