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Lottery secrets

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Not many follow up on court cases. Here’s a story that confirms  how many of these court “cases”, which I believe are sim-cases, end up – shrouded in secrecy.

This sim-case, on what I am sure is a sim-win, is nothing more than propaganda confirming that there are big lottery winners. For some reason people beLIEve that group buys have much better odds than single ticket buys. In reality, the odds are infinitesimally better, certainly not enough to go out of one’s way to participate in them.

Perhaps this story is also to serve as a reminder to the majority of employed (a disproportionate are unemployed that play the lottery) who play via group pools to be diligent in their accounting.

Either way I doubt the veracity of any of this story.

A secret settlement has been reached in the Bombardier $50 million lottery dispute, four days into a civil trial.

The plaintiff in the case, Christopher Bates, claimed he was shut out from the winning lottery pool because he was on vacation, despite being a regular player.

via Secret settlement reached in $50M Bombardier lottery dispute | Toronto Star.

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