20 thoughts on “I Wonder if Stevie is really blind?

  1. ab Post author

    The media fights back on the story: www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity…

    Richard Arnold once tried to give Stevie Wonder a high-five – and failed miserably.

    The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant was interviewing the iconic singer – who went blind after being born prematurely – and made the gesture as a farewell but got left hanging.

  2. rgos

    Let me see: one imposter does a singsong at another imposter’s party, knocks over a mic, which is then grabbed by another imposter. Does make your head spin.

  3. Tom Dalpra

    Having written a post here where I talked about comparing the Dick Cavett interviews of Wonder and Ray Charles and the way Wonder seems to turn his head to the interviewer, far more than Ray Charles and that I thought the idea that this guy, now a UN Ambassador ( of whatever -‘Peace’ was one) – groomed from 11 years old by Berry Gordy of Motown as a special project – was actually faking his blindness, was credible; I lost it.

    Rather than compose it all again
    I post this, in summary.


      1. Tom Dalpra

        mmm facebook. I should know better. I can see the link, but sharing it doesn’t work? A film from an iphone. Not to worry.
        There are other ways!

        1. Tom Dalpra

          Two unqualified ‘thumbs-down’s, cheers! haha.

          What’s the issue? I only spoke to things we can pretty-much agree on and tried to post a bit of personal thoughtful satire from my personal facebook, haha!

          The comments are innocuous, is my point. It’s fine, but
          ‘Un-liking’ those particular comments is meaningless if left unqualified.

          On ‘things we can agree on’ I see lux’s comment below where he talks of having worked on a Dolly Parton film in scenes where she was just filmed from behind and didn’t wear her false tits! Haha!
          Then that MJ Fox has openly declared he ‘doesn’t have Alzheimer’s!’

          He’s playing isn’t he? Or maybe I’m too close to Dolly’s tits in my mind 🙂

          May I say that I most certainly believe that Dolly has a smashing pair of tits, enhanced by surgery and a good bra perhaps, but that she’s still ‘naturally’ buxom.
          And, MJ Fox is said to have had Parkinson’s Disease not Alzheimer’s.

          I do not ‘agree’ at all with lux’s comment on those points.
          The comment has has three ‘likes’ and one dislike.

          I haven’t given a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Just thought I’d mention it.

    1. ab Post author

      I love Ray Charles. I never doubted the story until now. I was also trying in vain to find the 60 minutes piece on his spartan life in an apartment they ran in the 70s or 80s to no avail (perhaps they should clips of it in the move Ray.

      I love the commentary by Unreal in the Oct 5, 2014 audiochat. He brings a great theory forward.

    1. Rollo

      That did look like a miracle mic catch for a blind man….
      He Can See!!!…GOD be praised it’s a miracle!!!
      Nah just more Fakery.

      blessed are our Mouths, for they can Laugh.
      Here’s Norm & Ray going at it back in the Seventies.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Ray Charles, of course, is different gravy. Blind and brilliant; certainly until I see any evidence to the contrary.

        Is Stevie Wonder blind? For me the question has always been more: ”Is the world deaf ?”

  4. lux

    I once worked on a Dolly Parton movie in scenes where Dolly was shot only from behind and was quite surprised to see that her “signature features” are completely fake. She was not wearing them for these shots (since they wouldn’t be seen anyway) and she is, in reality, a very tiny figure in all respects. And, no, this was not a stand-in or body double — this was Dolly herself.

    And, with MJ Fox as much as telling us on national TV that he does not have Alzheimer’s, I am not at all surprised at the idea that Stevie Wonder can see well enough to catch falling microphones and use a camera.

  5. UNreal

    It seems like all about “the stars” is suspect of being scripted, and looking at that video and how quick the other “stars” are to covering up Stevie’s unblind abilities.
    doesn’t this point to all the stars being in on it ?
    It is funny as well that stevie is a big basketball fan and often goes to games,,, to watch live and up close maybe ? Stevie also seem to be as good with a camera as those Apollo Nuts, no need for a viewfinder for these guys ?

    1. Blue Moon

      Of course they are in on it- If they weren’t born into it, they would be vetted enough to be on a need to know basis- Mostly it’s a blood line thing, me thinks- humphrysfamilytree.com… (Apologies if I’ve posted this link before- I post it a lot around the internets)

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