Predatory ruling class PRC

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I enjoyed this audio, minus the . Mike came up with a great term that I think can be interchanged with the Nutwork. PRC or Predatory Ruling Class sounds good.

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined once again by Mike King of Mike and I will be discussing a number of subjects including his recent World War 3 for Dummies article. We will focus on the mysterious 0;ISIS” group, the geopolitical landscape in both the Middle East and Russia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin.…

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2 thoughts on “Predatory ruling class PRC

  1. Carys

    PRC fits! And some call it “Empire”.

    I like this piece from philosopher Neil Kramer on “Invisible Empire” in which he lists a range of subjects to illustrate the polarization between those who are aware of the PRC/Empire and those who are not (yet!)…

    “Many intelligent people don’t want to think about the possibility of a malevolent force that is curbing human development and expression. To understand why that might be, consider that there are two basic types of ignorance.

    Firstly, there is “simple ignorance”, where a person simply does not know a thing. Like a baby doesn’t know how to do quadratic equations. They just don’t possess that knowledge. Then there is “complex ignorance”, where there is a wilful maintenance of ignorance. The adult says, “I don’t want to know.” The portcullis comes down and there is no desire for any learning that upsets their existing belief systems.

    Consequently, many who take their first look at Empire are apt to promptly turn away and forget all about it. They know there’s something there, but they don’t want to know any more. They are not prepared for the inevitable life changes that such esoteric knowledge brings.

    For those who choose to confront Empire, a lot of personal study has to be undertaken to accurately establish its reality.”

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