CGI or rubber mask?

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Amazing what can be done with some what is becoming basic software.

What if Emma Watson was really just Sofia Vergara in costume? What if the Colombian bombshell wanted to explore a different career route, one that would allow her to smash one box office after another with 0;Harry Potter” and “The Bling Ring” and “Noah”? — all alongside “Modern Family,” of course.

via Emma Watson Unmasks To Reveal Sofia Vergara.

h/t Lux

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2 thoughts on “CGI or rubber mask?

  1. Blue Moon

    The entity named Sofia has shifting features and hair as well- B minus- Next assignment: Convince us either entity has actual talent-

  2. Jim Mckinney

    Great find. Did anyone notice that the hair on the first model’s head disappeared as the mask was removed? How about that?



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