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While I look for a new chat script, use for all your fake chatting needs. You can also use the teamspeak chat function. The built in chat was killing the server here, and its author has fled the scene and hasn’t updated in years.

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9 thoughts on “Changed Chat

  1. Johan Backes

    that chat program or plugin was a real albatross you can wait up to 5 minutes to see what you type sometimes only on this site would it be worth the wait good on you AB I have found some good solutions out there in the past if you don’t come across anything you can always develop your own at a fraction of the cost using a site like oDesk or fiver

  2. Jim Mckinney

    Tim. I am very sorry if I broke your chat. That wasn’t my intention. Here’s to a new and improved solution being found soon. Don’t let the man get you down.
    Jim in China

  3. columjaddica

    Media fakery is easier to understand than the stuff that goes on here.

    (Not supporting anybody here, I’m more confused after this evening/night than I was when I started)

    1. ab Post author

      It looks like you’re talking now, doesn’t it? Nothing has been taken away, just changed. The old chat was killing the system. You can chat away at or teamspeak chat, which are away from my server. Why are you agitating?


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