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Fakeologist.com doesn’t love back

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One would think that listening to 5 hours of talk about you and your website would be the ultimate thrill.

Sadly,  this audio was not.  Between the nervous laughter and moaning and groaning,  with the odd mashup of my shows’ past clips made into deceitful phrases, it was not a pleasant experience for me.

It’s always a risk that people you help may come back to bite you.  That’s why I don’t invest emotion into those I  choose to help out via this site.  I encourage all to stay independent and I try and provide tools I use to create this site and how to use them.

I enjoyed many off air calls with Banazir.  I offered many private insights and much personal assistance on top of what listeners heard on the air. Banazir is a smart fakeologist and an asset to this site. I’ve enjoyed our acquaintance.

My main takeaway from this audio (db21) is that I cannot be trusted.  I accept that.  I encourage scepticism, as it is the crux of media research. If I portray my research and site in a way that is shill like to you,  then you should move on (and many have). You can even start your own site, since that can give you the opportunity to shape it in your own vision. The Internet is made for that.

Dustban and fakeologist.com will therefore take their own paths from this point forward.  They are always welcome to contribute here,  but it seems wise to remain free from distraction and infighting for the greater good of media fakery hoax research. I’ll audiochat or raw call with them anytime if they wish,  but I hardly want to focus my energy on defending my position on past perceived slights.

I wish both of them well in their journey.


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