Fakeologist.com doesn’t love back

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One would think that listening to 5 hours of talk about you and your website would be the ultimate thrill.

Sadly,  this audio was not.  Between the nervous laughter and moaning and groaning,  with the odd mashup of my shows’ past clips made into deceitful phrases, it was not a pleasant experience for me.

It’s always a risk that people you help may come back to bite you.  That’s why I don’t invest emotion into those I  choose to help out via this site.  I encourage all to stay independent and I try and provide tools I use to create this site and how to use them.

I enjoyed many off air calls with Banazir.  I offered many private insights and much personal assistance on top of what listeners heard on the air. Banazir is a smart fakeologist and an asset to this site. I’ve enjoyed our acquaintance.

My main takeaway from this audio (db21) is that I cannot be trusted.  I accept that.  I encourage scepticism, as it is the crux of media research. If I portray my research and site in a way that is shill like to you,  then you should move on (and many have). You can even start your own site, since that can give you the opportunity to shape it in your own vision. The Internet is made for that.

Dustban and fakeologist.com will therefore take their own paths from this point forward.  They are always welcome to contribute here,  but it seems wise to remain free from distraction and infighting for the greater good of hoax research. I’ll audiochat or raw call with them anytime if they wish,  but I hardly want to focus my energy on defending my position on past perceived slights.

I wish both of them well in their journey.


I’m nice but dim

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30 thoughts on “Fakeologist.com doesn’t love back

  1. FauxCapitalist

    Here’s a summary I prepared of the entire show, and I’m posting as per Ab’s request.

    5m – ab saying he’s not convinced that psyopticon was using voice morphing
    8m – they finally start talking
    14m – said there’s hardly any audios now at fakeologist.com
    15m – said the response they got over the psyopticon thing was weird
    shocked at ab taking psyopticon’s side
    17m – said one excuse after the other for psyopticon not using voice morphing
    18m – said it’s hit him deeply, personally
    21m – laughed about ab papering over things, asking when they are coming back and asking how the weather is
    24m – “we can talk about the shills we know of, but not the ones around us”
    25m – psyopticon said he didn’t know who inxs was
    26m – banazir said a lot of the anger is gone now
    30m – asked why pshea’s sincerity is even being questioned now
    32m – psyopticon dissing pshea, said let’s go back to ed chiarini stuff pshea is pushing
    banazir said he played music to interrupt them
    33m – dusty didn’t want to get involved
    34m – said they’re being ignored or shunned, regarding talk of chemtrails and other things
    35m – dusty said he never liked psyopticon from the beginning
    40m – dusty said fuck the voice morphing, this [psyopticon’s behaviour even early on], is enough
    41m – pshea has said on Skype that he’s not who he says he is, to simon shack himself
    – psyopticon calls him pcake
    43m – said simon shack’s not above criticism, like israel
    44m – pshea banned (from clues forum) for saying that simon shack and hoi poloi’s names are funny
    46m – pshea thinks trails being left by planes he sees are for beneficial reasons
    48m – psyopticon says he can certainly say he’s not an agent
    49m – psyopticon’s gum smacking
    51m – said the name change from abirato to fakeologist limits the discussion
    – said ab doesn’t like to talk about chemtrails, saying he doesn’t see them
    – asked what do you do when someone says that
    52m – pshea and psyopticon’s falling out first started on rolol’s first show?
    53m – pshea said he has a bone to pick with evil edna
    1h1m – echo sound while psyopticon is talking
    1h2m – pshea saying psyopticon used a voice morpher
    – banazir said we know he’s guilty
    1h3m – psyopticon said a voice distorter, whatever that is
    1h5m – banazir said it infuriates him how no one else can see it
    – psyopticon calls pshea a fucking cock for saying that there’s a good force behind 9/11 and 7/7
    1h7m – psyopticon calls pshea a weaselly little runt
    1h8m – says pshea’s working for british intelligence
    – ab saying he’s enjoyed psyopticon’s research and he’s not convinced about the voice morphing
    1h16m – khammad saying it sounded like psyopticon had a voice morphing that took time to kick in
    1h17m – banazir saying psyopticon’s voice clearly changes, unlike ab’s in the morning, which still sounds like ab’s voice
    1h19m – psyopticon’s voice morphed clip
    1h21m – evil edna’s wicked laugh
    1h22m – psyopticon trying to tie pshea to bombings in ireland
    1h23m – ab saying hoi polloi’s voice sounded completely different one time
    1h25m – said ab just trying to justify psyopticon’s voice change
    1h26m – psyopticon saying three quarters of those on fakeologist may be spooks
    1h30m – was 9/11 put out there to wake up the masses? Banazir says he personally doubts that’s the case
    1h37m – dusty reading statement by ab, making light of it, about saying he doesn’t want to hear more talk about the fake jumpers or shills
    banazir said ab is shooting the messenger, and being more harsh with pshea than with psyopticon
    1h38m – banazir said isn’t that by definition a limited hangout? Said why not talk about the name fraud, saying he finds it very interesting
    1h39m – banazir said the immigration issue is another no-go on fakeologist, asking why can’t we talk about that
    1h40m – dusty mentioned frank salter interview on red ice radio
    1h41m – dusty said immigration is like chemtrails in that it’s in his face every day, and can be talked about rationally
    – banazir said his shows were more interesting when they strayed away from fakery discussion
    1h43m – pshea says 9/11 has a bigger effect of waking people up, and he says it’s ultimately a good thing
    1h44m – sudden echoing
    1h46m – dusty said you’d think psyopticon should’ve been banned by this point for his rudeness
    – psyopticon challenging khammad for trying to mute him
    1h49m – pshea saying psyopticon’s real voice has a london accent and then it changes to a northern england accent, like birmingham
    – psyopticon breathing heavy into the mic
    1h50m – psyopticon saying pshea’s a shill claiming to be an irishman
    1h51m – panic in psyopticon’s voice because of banazir getting in there with pshea
    1h52m – psyopticon getting all upset over banazir
    – banazir asking why psyopticon is still online and doesn’t hang up
    1h55m – psyopticon projecting his own bad behaviour onto others
    2h2m – ab taking psyopticon to task
    2h4m – ab dumps psyopticon from the call
    2h15m – questioning why ab is still defending psyopticon
    2h18m – banazir said ab is acting very strange at this point of the audio, deflecting
    2h21m – ab saying he talked to hoi and he sounded completely different than usual one time
    2h23m – banazir asked why not ban psyopticon just for being an ass?
    2h25m – banazir laughing at ab taking exception with his audio echoing compared to psyopticon’s massively echoing audio
    2h30m – banazir remarking on how psyopticon suddenly went from being seemingly some normal person to a trained professional in trying to discredit everyone after being outed
    2h33m – pshea said psyopticon’s response was worth its weight in gold for how an operative works
    2h34m – banazir laughing at psyopticon still hanging around the chat for a week after the dustup, saying it’s like a rapist in the neighbourhood and it’s announced to the community and nothing else is done
    2h35m – dusty said it’s the no talk rule on fakeologist about chemtrails, immigration and psyopticon
    2h47m – psyopticon never heard from again in the audio, but stayed in the chat, and he kept attacking
    2h48m – dusty started blasting psyopticon in the chat after what he had said about others
    2h53m – ab called banazir later saying he didn’t think pshea or psyopticon were shills — asking why did he even mention pshea, and shocked that he didn’t think that psyopticon was a shill
    – said you just know it in your heart that there was something wrong with the voice
    – ab basically saying he wasn’t going to do anything about it
    2h55m – dusty saying ab was too light on psyopticon
    2h56m – banazir sent messages to people asking them about it, and it was like the vacant response that average people give to bringing up problems with the 9/11 story
    2h58m – tom dalpra wrote in the chat room, asking psyopticon about the voice issue, and psyopticon deflected, saying let’s talk about media fakery
    3h0m – banazir writing simon about it, and simon saying contact him privately
    3h2m – ab says those whose feelings are hurt, regarding psyopticon issue, are wasting their time
    3h8m – banazir questioning whether markus allen, fakeologist and cluesforum are controlled opposition
    3h13m – said it’s an insult to their intelligence
    3h14m – wants to know why no one’s seeing things and no one cares
    3h17m – said their behaviour (those at fakeologist who didn’t support them) is ridiculous
    3h22m – banazir’s fakeologist post and sudden so many thumbs downs on his post, psyopticon had the motive and ab and others were excusing it, saying it’s an unsafe site, and why is psyopticon still a member
    3h24m – simon pointing out the site had been hacked, because of thumbs up and down
    3h37m – annoyed at no talk of immigration and chemtrails
    3h52m – ace baker’s fake suicide
    3h57m – banazir hasn’t seen ab on video, but ab has seen him
    – they want to have video chats
    3h58m – why a brother of osama bin laden sponsored simon shack’s brother’s race car
    4h8m – simon holding a magazine with date of 2000 in video that said copyright 1999
    4h12m – ab plays snoring sound clip after banazir wasn’t getting a proper answer from simon
    4h18m – psyopticon banned by simon at cluesforum
    – banazir and dusty both think that psyopticon intentionally wrote what he did on cluesforum to get himself banned, to write himself out of the script
    4h21m – psyopticon reappears on jahilliyah site
    4h23m – pshea who had said that he thinks jim fetzer is playing a good role
    4h27m – raised the possibility that simon shack and ab are part of what psyopticon did
    4h42m – mash up of audio clips that portray things out of context

  2. simonshack

    With the various posts here by Blue Moon, UNreal, Ab and Columjaddica ALL being thumbed-down about 35 times, it is more than obvious that a crass, concerted attempt is currently underway to try and sabotage this site. Pretty damn childish antics, really – but that’s all they’ve got, it seems.

    Funnily enough, such lame ‘attacks’ (which I’m all-too-familiar with – Cluesforum having, well, seen it all before…) only go to show that ‘they’ are truly concerned about discussion sites such as ours. As it is, we should all feel pleased and ‘honored’ to arouse such attention from the scumbags of this world.

    Come on now, you sad little trolling squad – start clicking away: I want my 35 thumbs-down too ! 😛

    1. PeterShea

      simon. much respect. to the satisfaction of all, answer banazir’s question please.
      how can you copyright as of 1999 the ‘weatherman’ song and video and feature at the same time within the video a time magazine publication dated april 2000? no bullshit please simon.

      dusty and banazir; you are of course justified in your concerns, but all only serves to show just how deep a whole within a hole we have indeed found ourselves.
      for me, all’s well that ends well, my dear friends.
      all is still looking good. love you maggie. love is all around. in spite of everything.

      1. PeterShea

        and I guess on reflection pcake is meant to mean pee cake – one of those deodorant thingys to be found in your-eye-nils. good one evil! piss off mate!

      2. aralsea

        Hi Peter: OK if you read his Youtube caption carefully

        Published on May 15, 2012

        “Weatherchange” is all about the silly, fearmongering, corporate hoax that goes by the name of “global warming”. It’s an old song and video which was recorded and filmed in my house (& home recording studio) with a bunch of friends back in 2000 (the song was recorded in 1999). This was well before I formed my band The Social Service…
        etc etc…

        Yes the first frame of the video states the song was recorded and filmed in 1999.

        However, in the caption below, Simon states the SONG (audio portion) was recorded in 1999 and that the VIDEO was shot in 2000. Mystery solved folks…the magazine was current when the VIDEO portion was filmed.

        IMHO, I dont think it is a stretch to imagine that when he created the first frame during editing, that he felt he needed to mention (or even remembered) that the song and video were created in different years. Who would care? Since the song was created in 1999, it would satisfy the audience to know that the project was created in 1999. But for the Youtube caption he gave more accurate information as to the creation of project….the audio song, 1999, and the video for it, 2000.

        Aral Sea

      3. simonshack


        Why don’t you just read the video description?
        “”Weatherchange” is all about the silly, fearmongering, corporate hoax that goes by the name of “global warming”. It’s an old song and video which was recorded and filmed in my house (& home recording studio) with a bunch of friends back in 2000 (the song was recorded in 1999). ”

        “No bullshit, please?” – say you? Well, Pshea – the only bullshit odor I smell here emanates from the various clowns who are making a BIG SILLY DEAL about me typing “1999” instead of “2000” in the intro credits to that video. For your information, the first clown who started this BS (back in 2012) was a former Cluesforum member, one “Kentrailer” -aka- “Paulstal Service” -aka- “Norway research” -aka -“SanLuisSkywatch.

        Here is one (of his many) “damning-Shack-busting- videos” (*rolleyes*) – going on about the silly 1999/ 2000 “issue”: www.youtube.com/watch?feature=…

        Today, we have another (?) multiple-alias entity known as “Psyopticon” -aka- “Evil Edna” -aka- “Psyoptickle” – aka- “Shackwatch”, another former Cluesforum member, who has ‘revived’ (over at Let’s troll forums) the very same idiotic “issue” of my 1999 / 2000 typo.

        As it is, the anonymous “Psyopticon” (-aka- “Evil Edna” -aka- “Psyoptickle” – aka- “Shackwatch”) and the anonymous “Kentrailer” ( -aka- “Paulstal Service” -aka- “Norway research” -aka -“SanLuisSkywatch”) share pretty much the same ‘behavioral history’.

        The two of them :

        – Both registered at Cluesforum as enthusiastic and fairly active / prolific supporters of our efforts (including our NASA research) – only to suddenly flip-flop at 180° for no apparent / rational reason.

        – Both – after being duly (if belatedly) banned for trolling – immediately registered at Let’s Troll forums and started poo-pooing Cluesforum and yours truly – claiming that we are nothing but disinfo – and that I am “a multiple / fake entity” posting under numerous aliases…

        – Both made a BIG SILLY DEAL out of the “damning / sinister Weatherchange video 1999 / 2000 issue”…

        Sad to see Banazir and Dusty falling for such crass trolling antics – but they may (hopefully) realize they’ve just been temporarily bamboozled – much like two other young Canadian researchers (“Lord Tsukasa” and “SparkOfLife”) were a few years ago – ‘courtesy of’ none other than Markus Allen Goldstein (who temporarily convinced them that i was a ‘fake’). The two of them have since mailed me admitting that they’d been (briefly) hoodwinked by Markus Allen’s slithering “charm”.

        “All’s well that ends well” – indeed ! 🙂

        1. ab Post author

          Thumbs up for that post Simon (let’s encourage others to simply reply with a thimbs up (or down) message since I’ve disabled the unsecured poll feature).

          Apparently the latest hoaxbusterscall.com call has Markus receiving the Dustban boys for a briefing. Your history above helps explain.

          1. Carole Thomas

            Thumbs up to all Fakeologists and here’s hoping we can continue without all these distractions. None of us really “know” each other. all we can go on is our gut feelings and the quality of the research. It seems to me that Simon, Ab, Jan, Tom, Hoi, K, smj, Unreal, Blue Moon and too many to mention have proven themselves on both counts. I hope Dustban and Johnny Clues will be discriminating in their further adventures. Not everyone has Chris Kendall’s sovereign sense of autonomy.

          2. simonshack

            I guess Karl Marx got at least one thing right …

            “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

            In this particular case, it was indeed a bit of a ‘tragedy’ that (some years back) Markus Allen managed to hoodwink two smart, tireless & prolific young Canadian researchers such as Lord Tsukasa and SparkOfLife.

            Whereas today, as ‘history repeats itself’, it is a bit of a farce that Markus Allen has managed to hoodwink two mere (former) Canadian cheerleaders who have – as far as I can tell – produced little or no actual / substantial research at all.

            In this case, the saying “good riddance to bad rubbish” seems appropriate.

          3. columjaddica

            I started out unsure about this whole thing, but not willing to just abandon AB over a plain old disruption shill. Also I didn’t really understand what had happened. After listening to the show a few times I agree that psyopticon wasn’t handled properly but I can’t just throw out a hundred mostly good radio shows over one thing. It really seems like the way things went down this was probably exactly what psyopticon was aiming for. He’s apparently very good at what he does

            The whole 1999 Simon Shack video controversy is just kind of stupid. I just don’t see the significance.

            Basically just giving another thumbs up here!

            I hope this settles out over time and people can reconcile or at least move on.

            I’ve enjoyed most of the DustBan shows quite a bit and I hope they continue making them and get a chance to talk about topics they felt were off-limits before. Like the persistent contrail thing, there are a bunch of different ways to look at it and I’m sure you could fill a whole show on just that and the general group of “fakeologists” seem to have a wider range of opinions than you’d get on some chemtrails forum.

            Another topic I’d love to hear a show on is the Ebola thing. All of this crazy shit going on and we’re arguing over the identities of each other when it’s impossible for any of us to definitively prove that we’re legitimate.

          4. Banazîr Galbasi

            Nearly five hours of audio dedicated to several problems and the smallest (but apparently the most interesting) topic of 1999/2000 music video is all that gets discussed. Need I say more?

            Someone (Pierce Scrim) mentioned that the them of this episode was “(What is the reason) you just never get an answer”.

            Thanks for answering but one of the concerns. But why if his written response came long before we asked the question to Simon last December or so, didn’t he just say so then?

            The point is many people are vague with responses. A small insignificant detail though it was, speaks volumes when exploring a larger picture. If there is a simple answer, give a simple response. That’s all we were looking for in the first place!

            Anway, how’s the weather out there guys? Apparently the inane brings more interesting subjects to light. (and a happy 9/11 to you all too!)

            Cheers guys.

          5. simonshack


            I listened to about half of your nearly five hour show. It all sounded as a full-fledged dissing of Fakeologist.com and Cluesforum.info. Pretty surreal stuff, if you ask me.

            Why don’t you just submit all of the specific questions you have about me and my research right here? I’ll be glad to answer them. Alternatively, you can call me on Skype – and, if you’re a honest guy, I’m absolutely sure that we can work this out. You already know my skype username – “simon.shack”.

            Call me whenever you see me online on Skype – and I’ll be glad to answer all of your questions. In fact, I wonder why neither you or Dusty have never called me for all of this time. Didn’t you think it was worthwhile to talk to me – before forming your opinions about me and my forum’s efforts? Yes, you DID invite me once to your Dustban show – but I was truly busy at the time and couldn’t make it. Sorry about that.

          6. el sushi de la mancha

            In response to the last Banazir’s comment following Simon’s last statement.
            “Call me whenever you see me online on Skype – and I’ll be glad to answer all of your questions. In fact, I wonder why neither you or Dusty have never called me for all of this time.”

            Read more: fakeologist.com/2014/10/07/fak…

            That would definitely be the very first thing to do in the first place, Benazir and Dusty. Claiming that Simon is allegedly avoiding your very specific questions tends to show your eagerness to make this thing spin over and over again in order to confuse everyone…but there’s no such a thing and you both know it (5 hours long show addressing nonsensical issues…that’s another very strange thing to do). I just hope you both will clarify this with Simon over Skype…no one is running away at that point.

  3. FauxCapitalist

    Ab, one of their grievances was, according to them, a lack of interest in discussing chemtrails, with the justification that it didn’t fit in with the theme of fakery with the site name change form Abirato to Fakeology. I, for one, would like to hear a discussion of chemtrails on future shows and on this site, as there is a relation to gatekeepers and 9/11, as Michael Rivero, in addition to acting suspicious in attacking those who say Flight 77 didn’t hit the Pentagon, also doesn’t allow for any discussion of chemtrails.

    There is a media fakery aspect to it as well, as the current Wikipedia page on chemtrail has the nerve to have two of the most pointed to pictures that those have pointed to as evidence of chemtrails — a high-flying plane showing huge streaks and the sky filled up with all sorts of weird looking trails.

    Also, Psyopticon was claiming that there was nothing to chemtrails, and then we found out he was a shill, and therefore his denial could have been intentional for that reason.

  4. Jiller

    Ab, you’re right, the audio is disturbing. Your response is quite magnanimous. I only came across Fakeologist this past April so I don’t know how far they go back with you but I did enjoy their shows and I have seen the EE/POC debacle unfold. However, I don’t understand the unwarranted criticism of you. Quite frankly it seems everyone on your site capitulated and banned the psyopticon character…doubled banned him…kicked off the prestigious CluesForum too…what more do they want!!! I have only listened to about 30/40 minutes of their show but I intend to listen to it all. In the end it’s just a sad affair because everybody wants the same thing…a community like you provide…one of them even said that in their show.

  5. Blue Moon

    Critical thinking is one virtue of aging- When young and life remains a series of experiments, emotion, even unrecognized as such, can cloud one’s judgement- Ab, you and Simon et al have the temperament for this kind of ongoing critique of society- Impulsiveness doesn’t yield good results in this line of work- Carry on… (And BTW, why would anyone bail just because of that Brit twit? I’m missing something here-)

    1. ab Post author

      We have many like you Blue who can see the big picture without being thrown off with the minutia. I am thankful for such a great gathering of thinkers.

  6. UNreal

    These podchilds are dead, long live the podchilds !

    and more importantly,,, Ab, your work on this website is outstanding, so much work and good material that anybody should be able to enjoy many bits and pieces regardless of their personal griefs with you or your success. maybe you are reluctant to see your achievement right now, but you have already created more than 120 truly innovative shows with thought-provoking interviews and subjects with a style of debate that is intelligent and humane in its presentation and form.

    i feel more fakeologist prefer to see your unique qualities rather than to stir in mud.

    look forward to the next radio show here on Fakeologist .com !

      1. UNreal

        well, i have listened to the DB21 so generously hosted by Delcroix and I must say;
        what a hateful, presumptuous pair of guys.
        by judging the “like” count in this thread, they are also a pair of trolls.
        i am unaware of the moment Dusty and Banazir ever came up with any original content or theory of their own, other than borrowing guests and theories from this very site and podcasts. and yes, i am aware of them going to the richard Gage conference, but it seems to me that they never once mentioned that Gage was denounced on your show, as a matter of fact between us two (i’ll have to take credit here as i called out R.Gage first on air).
        maybe we can call them DustBan’ned from here on ?
        and as Delcroix keeps posting shill shows, i guess these guys are a team made for each other.

  7. columjaddica

    It’s risky to give any opinion when there’s drama going on, you never know whos the shill, one side, both sides, neither side. I’ve been fairly inactive here because of the recent drama and being generally too busy. I really don’t know what to think and I only caught half of the DustBan show yesterday.

    Overall impression was that it seemed like they went through a lot of effort to make the show, over something that isn’t all that important (not banning a user quick enough and not apologizing?)

    The edit of AB that played at the end, after the music, was completely unnecessary and probably not helpful to their earlier arguments. Seemed a pretty malicious thing to do

    I’m lucky in that I have a private place to discuss media fakery that I can retreat to when the public places get nasty. It gets tiring being constantly under scrutiny and having to constantly scrutinize others, never being 100% sure that somebody isn’t a shill.

    In the end I’m probably going to disconnect from public discussion of media fakery and I have to wonder if that’s the intended effect of this kind of drama?

    1. ab Post author

      I hope neither side are shills. Yes Ban worked hard on his clips. Inxs if you ask me. As for a private board, I’ve enjoyed too many smarter people who’ve come by to go private or pay. More good than bad.

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