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True 9/11 talk

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Hey jimmckinney  – are you talking 9/11 again? One could get tired of it,  couldn’t they? Jim talks with an inaudible Javaring and the omnipresent Brian Stavely. At around the 41minute mark, Brian explains some interesting research on the phantom flight 11 flight.

Who knew Javaring had been reactivated? Drop us a line if you’re talking 9/11(again ) and I’ll drop you a link.


* Show Notes: recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-118…

* Podcast Feed: TrueLies (recordings.talkshoe.com/rss118…)

H/T Ro11o in chat.fakeologist.com

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Talking 9/11 with Chris

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Lots of 9/11 talk with Chris and Brian Stavely. Joey Z also joins the call to talk fakery.


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Audiochat Oct 7, 2014

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Who? Ab, K Ham, Jan Erik, Videre


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