Audiochat Oct 9, 2014

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Who? K Ham, Ro11o, , Delcroix

What? Lots of Dustban21 chatter. Fakeologists can’t get enough of these guys. BTW, anyone done and / research lately? Point taken?


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6 thoughts on “Audiochat Oct 9, 2014

  1. UNreal

    Point taken ! to much emotions, talk and time spent on shillery, from me included.

    And i really look forward to new voices and guests in upcoming episodes.
    some subjects that i hope we can dwelve more into:
    -Nasa science, Rockoons and the Van Allen belt
    -use of magic in mass mind control
    -Flat Earth’er interview from
    -911 vicsims and witnesses with detailed image analysis
    -The Hindenburg Airship Disaster
    -holocaust (or hitler)
    -science fraud & the fake model of the atom
    -the Medical Celebrity Program – MCP

    1. FauxCapitalist

      UNReal, were you ever on Charles Giuliani’s show before? I remember a debate he had with someone from France once.

      As for topics, Ab, I want to hear a knowledgeable guest make the case for nuclear power being fake, as so far Simon has refused to go there in saying that its fake as well as nuclear bombs, and I can see why he’s done that.

      1. UNreal

        @ FauxCapitalist: no, i have never been on Charles Giuliani’s show, but hope that french guy comes over here @ fakeologist to get better information than what Giuliani proposes !

        and yes, it would be interesting to have an open-minded scientist on the show to discuss nuclear power ! but i think it is hard to find a scientist that still has a job AND is shouting out loud that nuclear power is “fake”…
        A scientist that dispute the nuclear model would be interesting enough !

        1. Jim Hollander

          My thoughts after reading CF and listening to some of Ab’s comments on Nuke power is that while they might be Electricity dumps, they could also be electricity recyclers. Much like some dams that pump water up to higher reservoirs with electricity that would otherwise be wasted, to then release the water when electricity is of short supply.

          Nuke power stations could be the same but just running all the time. Workers and scientists would not know that it is fake. Everything you would expect to see in one of these power stations will be exactly where it should be. They would be producing exactly the amount of electricity as they say they are, the only difference is that they are consuming more than goes in as they are probably no where near 100% efficient.

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