Jim Java on 9/11

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Special fakeologist shout out @ 17:30.

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2 thoughts on “Jim Java on 9/11

  1. khammad


    In this audio, you question why people were bad-mouthing Markus, perhaps thinking it was his research. I have always enjoyed Markus’s research. He has some great finds, and does a splendid job of coalescing that data into convincing arguments that would persuade even the casual inquirer.

    Right now, today, Markus is showing to be an entertaining, knowledgeable and caring speaker. This has not always been the case.

    In the past, Markus has turned his research ability into a thing of evil, instead of good. For example, Markus has threatened to reveal personal information about fellow researchers (plural). This has soured a lot of people on Markus and they feel that threatening to reveal all the personal information he had collected (creepy in its own right) is unforgivable. Although he is a good researcher, his character came into question.

    Also, in the past, Markus was at the root of several personal ongoing arguments. If you go back and listen to audios from a year ago and later, you will hear him making personal attacks on fellow researchers without giving them a chance to respond, like a hit and run. This caused a lot of infighting in our little community. His audios were a downer to listen to.

    You talked about Simon Shack. Simon’s research has opened up the window to media fakery. Without September Clues, I doubt we would have made the clear and precise jump to how all the media networks, as well as government spokes people, work together like a well-oiled machine of psyopery. Calling him “our God” is one, discounting his contributions, and two, discounting our ability to discern good research from bad. Boo to you sir for that.

    In the past, Markus kept making straw man arguments against Simon, even though they had been proven false. If you want to know more, we can talk. Markus had become frustrating and tiresome to listen to.

    This is all in the past, but since you brought it up, I thought I would let you read another side to that story.

    I often hear people say “why is there so much infighting, people should just stick to the research”. Well, when we hear researchers say shit about other researchers, this starts the cycle all over again, as in your audio and this post, right here. It seems to be the same people that say bad things about other researchers who also say they are tired of the infighting.

    I used to think that responding was keeping the argument going, when it should die. But now, for posterity, I MUST respond. Both sides of the argument MUST be known so that people can make up their own mind.

    PROBLEM: Researchers talking bad about other researchers, thus keeping other researchers away.

    SOLUTION: Researchers stop talking bad about other researchers and have a one-on-one conversation to clear up miscommunications.

    BOOM! There’s a solution for ya!

    And by the way, to ALL fakeologists out there, learning that your distressful evening news is basically a lie, is a SOLUTION. Now we don’t have to stress out anymore. I am grateful for all the SOLUTIONS that Fakeologist.com offers me every single day!

    Markus has a lot to offer those of us looking for truth. I look forward to many more revealing audios and videos from him. Although I shant pay for them, if he is a guest on someone else’s show, I shall listen.

    1. el sushi de la mancha

      Jim, at around 18min you said that “even Simon Shack thinks that Fakeologist sucks” , sorry dude but I never heard Simon making such a statement. That’s complete B.S. if you ask me and your eagerness to support Markus’s cause (what a character) is another indicator that plays against you in my opinion.

      And yes, Guangzhou is pretty hot and humid, all year long.


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