Ebola – a media event – AIDS 2.0

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Salient points from a fairly dry video. The bottom line is people are dying in Africa, but for reasons that are twisted or fabricated by your military media. Africans are afraid of being treated by modern medicine – should you be too?

  • is patented by the US Government. Only the CDC and WHO can talk about it, since independent scientists cannot research it
  • only front line workers in the health care industry can report on mass casualties. So far there have been none
  • virus comes front the latin poison
  • death by medicine is not a joke – it is real
  • Africans have history of being guinea pigs for vaccines (with 200x the dose)
  • viri don’t cause disease
  • proven causes of diseases: intoxications (chemical,radiological), overdose of bacteria in anaerobic environment (dead tissue), injuries, malnutrition, biological special programs,
  • director of CDC is former member of the E)pidemic I)ntelligence S)ervice – medical biological agents

12 thoughts on “Ebola – a media event – AIDS 2.0

  1. khammad

    Why do people sell out their own for money?

    Sounds kinda like a drug dealer to me. Doing whatever for money.

    I bet most of those reality dealers are so deep in it themselves they have no way to think clearly about it. They too are programmed. Maybe ambivalence is part of the programming.

    The programmers, however, are psychopaths. Their megalomania knows no bounds. I feel more and more that humanity has always been at risk from these types. My god look at the power they wield and their brains are the same size as mine. Not much smarter, not much more spiritual, but staggeringly more powerful. That’s a damn dangerous combination.

  2. columjaddica

    One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is that it’s so hard to tell what’s going on in Africa. I talk to a lot of people (forums, skype, etc) from Asia, South America, Europe that seem authentic and can give insight into what goes on at home. For Africa I don’t know any sources that don’t seem like they were written by VOA or NGOs.

    About impossible to tell what goes on there but Ebola in the Americas certainly looks like BS. It’s going to be an interesting holiday/flu season

  3. khammad

    This airplane Ebola Hoax event is transparent.

    They guys in the blue chemical-spill suits were already prepared before the black man said he jokingly had ebola. Sooo we can conclude for sure, the blue suits are in on it, and the black man is in on it, so is the stewardess and the camera man, and a few well placed commenters. The only real questions is how many of the passengers are in on it.

    Of all those cell phones on that plane, only 1 video of this event is available and it is solely owned by

    Jukin Media Verified (Original)
    * For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
    Published on Oct 9, 2014

    I guess this is a good way for psyop contractors to make money, give them sole ownership of the “viral video” which was created in a studio.

    My video analyzing the plane video

    Is this an Ebola Hoax

    1. khammad

      Now, these Ebola hoaxers are wearing chemical safety suites so they don’t have to worry about disguising the actors. Just put the suit on aaaaaaaand “Action!”

      Since we fakeologists are catching on to the crisis actor deal, good call on the hoaxers to just cover up all the faces of the ebola crisis actors. We will have a real hard time matching up actors.

    2. Hoi Polloi

      Nice find on the Jukin Media, K!

      Looks like a lot of MTV (Viacom corporation) and Disney folks who explicitly state their interest in their work is about making money, using money to produce more money, artificial intelligence-reality cross overs (augmented reality and simulation), IBM government contracting, and so on. Naturally, their benevolent interests are just helping people get audiences. But without strong morals (they don’t seem to have) they are the perfect kind of people to not ‘spill the beans’ about how much truth is lacking in a video. They care less about truth and more about making money while experimenting on peoples’ psychological states for personal curiosity reasons. Hmm. Oh well. Just a paycheck right? It’s not their fault if the propaganda leads to high levels of stress in the public. More money goes to Disneyland and escapism, and what a lucky coincidence — that’s the industry they make money on.

      I understand needing to make some money but these days, does it seem there are no moral standards for what that entails, and everyone is so ready to ignore their own role in creating a truly ugly world? Do you think they just pretend they don’t know what kind of fear and horror they’re creating in people? What powers may be using their ambivalence toward the truth as a way of terrorizing people? Creepy.

      (Funny how while specifically visiting this site and composing this message, I was booted offline about a dozen times. While no other site seemed to effect my connection. Probably just a coincidence, though. It isn’t as if we’re talking about anything important here. Ho hum. )

      1. khammad

        I am glad you brought this up, Hoi: Psyops, by there very nature, put a lot of stress on the public.

        To the reader:

        If you participate in any way with these hoaxes, you, personally, are responsible for the growing unhappiness that more and more men, women and even children are experiencing.

        Regardless of the reason (including Noble Lies) our brains register stress when Psyops don’t make sense to our subconscious.

        You, personally, are accountable for the dwindling quality of life on this planet.

        If you are tired of soiling your soul, it’s never to late to get out.

        I am sure many have done it. Find out who they are and learn from them.

        Thing is, what harm you do to others, is also harm you do to yourself.

        May you find the same about of peace you give others.

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