Audiochat – Oct 14, 2014

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Who? Ab, SMJ, K Ham

What? and eugenics


March of dimes polio posters

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4 thoughts on “Audiochat – Oct 14, 2014

  1. Tom Dalpra


    Good to hear some audiochat from SMJ now that we don’t have the old text chat running.

    1. ab Post author

      The old text chat IS running. It’s just a bit different and it doesn’t crash the site. See the bottom of the screen.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        ‘The old text chat’ is ‘the old text chat’, by my definition. The old text chat IS NOT running.
        The new text chat, IS running.

        They are quite clearly different and the new format has meant I have seen nothing posted there by SMJ. It was good to hear from him.
        That is all.


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