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Those flashes

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As Simon does what he does best, in this case exposing Phil Jayhan and Let’s Roll Forums, I was surprised that Phil was part of the whole flashing missile imagery at the WTC. I spent quite a bit of time pondering this back when I was fully consumed with the inside-job rabbit hole of the 9/11 deception.

It so happens that I exposed Dylan Avery of doing just that – a long time ago. But, as we can see in these old Let’s Roll articles HERE and HERE it emerges that Phil Jayhan was directly involved with that scam – and was actually an active / vigorous promoter of the same. See, at the time, Dylan and Jayhan were saying that some mysterious “flashes” could be seen in assorted clips featuring “Flight 175” and “FLIGHT11”. These flashes were, supposedly, “damning proof” that missiles were fired by both planes just before impacting. The missile, they claimed, would have been fired from that ‘mysterious appendage” which they – and that other clown Dave Von Kleist – called “the POD”, a supposed ‘miltary ordnance’ attached underneath the plane …

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