ep125-Paul on 9/11

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7 thoughts on “ep125-Paul on 9/11

  1. Gwynned

    Ab, I really appreciated your comment that they need to leave these hoaxes as unsolvable mysteries. Never thought of that but it does keep these psyops front and center in people’s minds. What would JFK have been without the endless conspiracy theories pointing us forever backward to that moment in Dallas, though never with any sense of closure.

  2. FauxCapitalist

    Ab, Paul cited General Sun Tzu, who said that all war is deception.

    In addressing the sticky matter of the “who” behind these psy-ops, I also advise heeding Sun Tzu’s words.

    “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

  3. FauxCapitalist

    My summary notes:

    8m – Ab said the word Nazi is in the news everyday, and that it’s not by accident
    9m – Says he’s convinced that the big lotteries are hoaxes
    10m – Said 9/11 is the focus on the blog, and if you don’t want to hear about it, tune out
    28m – Shut down old chat room when Dustban thing was blowing up
    34m – Paul came across whatreallyhappened.com after 9/11, called Rivero a very good broadcaster
    – Said he did listen to Alex Jones a bit, and something was not right
    36m – Called Alex Jones a showman
    – Bohemian Grove talk made him feel uncomfortable
    41m – Said on that day of 9/11, that he thought it was some sort of government operation
    45m – Can’t have a discussion with most people he knows about 9/11, because it’s such a sensitive subject to them
    47m – What really began to trouble him about whatreallyhappened.com is Michael Rivero’s insistence that a plane hit the Pentagon
    50m – Rivero also adamant that there was a moon landing
    51m – Came across some guy who wrote a book who came across as shrill, while talking about no planes and the faked Moon landings
    52m – Then he came across Jim Fetzer
    55m – He’s aware of Loose Change, but never watched it, and aware of problems with it
    56m – Believes that a missile hit the Pentagon
    58m – Said the “who” question is a very sticky question on this show
    – Ab said it’s designed to be sticky
    – Ab said 9/11 has a double strand aspect to it, just as DNA allegedly does
    59m – Media fakery and psy ops strands
    1h3m – Ab said a lot of military spending must be going into psy-ops to control people
    1h8m – Book called the paradox of choice – eliminating choices reduces anxiety for people
    1h10m – Drudge Report — mostly all links to other sites
    1h11m – Conspiracy candy of $2 trillion reported missing the day before 9/11
    1h13m – Ab said Rumsfeld was probably in on the construction of 9/11 in some way
    – Said the $2.3 trillion figure is probably completely fictitious
    1h18m – Came across Ab’s site but felt he needed approval from Fetzer before considering more of it
    1h20m – Holograms, Ab said holograms require darkness, smoke and a projector
    – Ab said he doesn’t think daylight holography exists
    1h21m – Paul mentioned Sun Tzu saying all war is deception
    1h25m – If someone says conventional explosives were used, Fetzer points to the debris pile
    1h29m – Ab said he can’t see anything real about nuclear power
    – Said that drives a lot of people away, to consider that so many people are in on it, or are fooled
    1h39m – Paul said it’s a new thought to him that all the imagery of 9/11 could’ve been fabricated
    1h40m – He had never thought of questioning the existence of the nuclear bomb before coming across Fakeologist
    1h43m – Said some nuke test footage videos look fake, others look real

  4. xileffilex

    The Guardian is indeed controlled. An ideal conduit to brainwash the gullible “liberal” “intellectual” classes. Spot on, Ab. [c.11:00 ff] Wouldn’t you do the same if you ran the show [I don't mean elected governments]

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