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Facespook makes it easy

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Since Ab doesn’t have any ID that face-spook likes, we’re off facebook! So don’t look for any more automatic updates on the Fakeologist Radio facespook page. Good riddance to a very intrusive and annoying intelligence gathering service.

Facebook 2014-10-20 21-43-53I wonder why, after a year or so, Ab Irato is suddenly called to the facespook security center for documentation? Is this a random check or precipitated by a complaint?

What ID would slavebook like to see? Is a passport enough? The instructions imply that after sampling, they may still reject the ID and the account.

Who needs backdoors when people bring their entire dossier to the front door? Are people aware of the integration between Facespook and the FBI, to name one alphabet agency?

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2Js, we will talk

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Speaking of names, I’ve given my reasons for remaining semi-anonymous. Java and Jim discuss this at 1:02:00.

I’ve asked Javaring a number of times to do an audio. I’ve told Jim we can have a chat too. We will use Skype. As I go through my backlog of people to talk to, we will arrange a time to chat one Saturday.

As for your discussion about Simon, you really didn’t make it clear what your issue is in your above audio. Actually, I’m confused about your whole discussion about Fakeologist.

We can talk it out in the near future. Stay tuned.


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Anyone missing a bald white guy?

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Are you like me and scan the local headlines trying to discern between real and fake?

This story makes me laugh. A body is found by a dogwalker at precisely 7:40 (11) in the morning (believable). The only other detail is very odd: a height range between 5′ 9 & 11. (911). Why are we guessing the height? Doesn’t anyone in the police “service” have a tape measure? No other meaningful description (unbelievable) is offered, yet the public is called upon to help out. Anyone missing a stupid white guy in the Toronto area? Please call in!

Here’s my take: this is quite possibly another fake story. So why would it be released into the aether? Fear and money, as in all psyOps. To scare the people by adding another very thin layer of crime to their already overloaded subconscious. You can’t really feel it being added, but your brain knows it’s there and the effect is cumulative. If any talk comes up (in the next soon-to-happen election) of, say, police budget cuts, your mind will automagically reference this story and say to your voting hand “no, don’t vote for that candidate, he wants to tamper with the police budget”.

Sound far fetched? Perhaps, but this type of psychological operation on a small, local, seemingly harmless scale is happening all the time. When is the last time your police, fire, or ambulance budget was even questioned?

If we’re getting older, more sedentary, drinking less and more prescription drugged up, doesn’t it stand to reason that there would be far less crime? Even the official statisticians will confess to this. So why are police budgets always increasing? I say this not out of anything against police, but out of the unending assault on my wallet via property tax increases – no matter what the state of the economy.

In an small way, this is why I repeat over and over again the 9/11 mantra. It’s endless, timeless, and it’s all around us all the time. Even in your neighborhood.

Durham Regional Police are looking for help in identifying a body found Saturday on the Pickering shoreline.

Police say citizens walking their dog discovered the body around 7:40 a.m. near Beachpoint Promenade in the Frenchman’s Bay area.

The body is described as a white male with a shaved or bald head, medium build and who is around five feet, nine inches to five feet, 11 inches tall.

Police say an autopsy has been scheduled and that, so far, the death is not considered suspicious.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Const. Samuels of West Division at

via Police ask for help identifying body found on Pickering shoreline | Toronto Star.

As always, apologies if this story is real. It’s just that their media makes it impossible to know. Thanks 9/11 planners!

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