Ottawa War Memorial Shooting 10/22

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Can’t let a good (occult) date like this go to waste. Is it Canada’s turn for a fear inducing event?

Use this post and comment thread to reveal this latest in what looks like a drill event.

Ottawa shooting wounds Canadian soldier at War Memorial | National Post.

One photo that stood out to me: Canada’s real leader (our handler, should I say), our intelligence chief. Looks like a scene from a spy thriller.

Head of CSIS Richard Fadden walks past an RCMP officer near downtown Ottawa. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld)

Another tweet, reminiscent of

Members of the public are asked not to post videos or photos of the on-going incident to ensure safety of first responders and the public

Don’t post photos – maybe we should send them to Stephen Rosenbaum from, the guardian of all amateur 9/11 footage?

Eye witness who saw shooting at Cenotaph from his office says youngish (30) Caucasian male, with black and white headscarf around his head..

Isn’t this the ISIS official color scheme? Do we have ISIS in Canada now? I was wondering what fear twin we’d get here first, ISIS or .

Canada has just lost her innocence.

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4 thoughts on “Ottawa War Memorial Shooting 10/22

  1. FauxCapitalist

    Notice the subliminal and also direct message being put across, of an RCMP police officer with a rifle next to a sign saying, “A symbol of Canadian democracy since 1867.”

    Just like the War Memorial symbolism, they are trying to condition us that what they have in store for us is perfectly Canadian.

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