Audiochat-Oct 22, 2014

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Who? Ab, Aral Sea
What? Ottawa Terror Drill Hoax


Eve of Destruction (with lyrics) – Barry McGuire:

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4 thoughts on “Audiochat-Oct 22, 2014

  1. columjaddica

    You can only fake a growing epidemic for so long…

    I felt like it was drowning out election hype too, so last weekend they indicated Ebola was less important. It was just obvious with the start of this week that a new news cycle started. Elections and terrorism now

    I’m sure Ebola will be back but whatever

    With the Ottawa story, Moore OK (that place is a psyop factory), the other Quebec story, I do see them ramping up the ISIS threat. It’s frustrating to watch lately

  2. Johan Backes

    Some notes regarding the recent events:

    LEafs Sens game postponed to Nov9th which is now the Sens’ last home game before Remembrance Day, so that could have factored into the decision on the new date. So gross

    some anagrams for martin rouleau … Mauler Out Iran – Our Team Urinal – Ritual Euro Man – Our Mean Ritual – Oral Aim Untrue – Anti Amour(love) Rule – A Email Run Tour – Out Manure Liar , those are the good ones I can find!… classic single eye of horus shot as ususal

    Zihaf Bibeau anagrams to – Aha I Fib Zebu (Zebu is a variety of domesticated cattle in Asia). He tricks the cattle/sheep.

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