What aren’t we to know?

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So far I enjoy listening to Veronica Clark. Whether you believe was an invention or not, his party must have stood for something that has been smeared by almost 100 years of disinformation. So what exactly are they trying to hide from us?

Was it that the NSDAP was for a socialist redistribution of wealth to the volk? Were they a real, and not controlled, threat to the PRC?

Veronica comes across as even headed and fair when it comes to her view of history. She is neither for or against Hitler.

Veronica K. Clark specializes in World War II and military history. She has two associate degrees, one of which is in Diesel Mechanics Technology and she completed one year of doctoral studies in Organizational Psychology. Veronica founded Vera Icona Publishers in 2011. She is the originator of both the ‘Warwolves of the Iron Cross’ (Wehrwolf) and ‘Powerwolf Publications’ series as well as the author of the popular book 0;Black Nazis.” Her next book, “Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Black Wolf, Whit


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4 thoughts on “What aren’t we to know?

  1. Blue Moon

    My views on Hitler have already been stated but I do want to analyze just one event Clark interprets in the interview: The Reichstag fire- The way she describes van der Lubbe, though she doesn’t see it, is as a classic agent provocateur- An Oswald-ish figure, seemingly able to get around with no visible means of support, a commie sympathizer and possible member, etc. (Fair Play for Cuba, anyone?)
    At the time of the fire, the communist party held 17% of the seats in the parliament- You don’t build a faction that size with violence and then hope to build a favorable coalition with other parties by burning down the parliament building (That said, violence properly dispersed can win you a government- See the NSDAP for an example)- A character like van der Lubbe, so described as an arsonist who likes to see the world burn, would not be countenanced within proper party circles- But, as has often been stated, if the Nazis wanted a psy-op of this magnitude to go down, a “communist” patsy would be mandatory-
    Clark then describes how the police were not in Goering’s pocket just yet- That’s a bit rich, but when seen in the context of the trial of van der Lubbe et al, we see why the police would contradict Goering’s claims and why the trial appeared to be botched- It was deliberately botched for the simple reason that it shed doubt on the claims that the Nazis had set the fire- That they were in control of the arsons- By letting Van der Lubbe’s alleged conspirators go (actual Bulgarian communists) it appeared that evidence-based justice was still being practiced; by “executing” the Dutch lone-nut patsy, a justice willing to fight to the death in defense of the Fatherland also seemed to be served-
    All that’s left was the political hay the Nazis had manufactured by the fire and rushed through the enabling act, giving Hitler rule by decree-
    I’m afraid Clark is a lot like Dennis Wise, the guy behind Hitler: The Greatest Story Never told- Still pushing the concept that the National Socialist agenda had some use for the little guy, and superficially, it might appear so, but what the little guy got was the opportunity to prepare and then go to war- But I’ve howled on long enough about this-

  2. FauxCapitalist

    Veronica Clark has ulterior motives other than objective research. She’s an admitted “proud” Southern Poverty Law Centre supporter (was on her Amazon page until she pulled it) and ADL supporter, said Americans should all mass convert to Islam (despite not being Muslim herself), claims she’s asexual, uses the picture of a German gender bender rock star in a misleading way that makes it look to the first-time reader that it’s of her, regularly personally attacks people, and has said she puts out all sorts of conflicting stories about herself just to confuse people.

    The big question for me is, what important research is contained in her books that she is discrediting with her statements and actions?

  3. Jan Erik

    The bashing of NAZI Germany is to hide the truth that al western countries after WW2 is under the same system ! National socialism, socialism and comunism is just thre schades of ologarcical colectivism !

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