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They WERE being lied to

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Using the sports figures that are today’s cultural leaders is an important part of propagating myths. Why else would such a non-story be created to link the Ottawa War Memorial Drill/PsyOp/Hoax to 9/11? I like the last paragraph.

This week’s act of terrorism in Ottawa has rekindled memories – most not positive – among Americans and Canadian Football League veterans who remember where they were, or what they were doing, when 9/11 occurred.

Tom Higgins was the head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos at the time. The team charter sat on the tarmac for over an hour, he remembered, the team scheduled to travel to Winnipeg in what was scheduled to be the first CFL game played. All games, of course, would be delayed by a week.

Higgins was on the phone with the league’s board of governors, deciding what measures would be taken. The plane pushed back from the gate but remained on the tarmac. When the plane was ordered back to the gate and the players disembarked, Higgins immediately called Edmonton general manager Hugh Campbell, informing them the players wouldn’t be returning to the charter.

“They thought they were being lied to,” Higgins said. “They didn’t know why the plane hadn’t departed, and that had a ripple effect.

via The Snap: Events in Ottawa bring back memories of 9/11 | Montreal Gazette.

The 9/11 master psyOp will never be put to rest. It IS the psyOp of the century (millennium?), and will always be since it was the first of this millennium.

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Do we need this Brand of 9/11 help?

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The latest anti-establishment celebutard – is he hurting or helping 9/11 media fakery psyop hoax awareness? Russell is smart, but there’s something about him that turns me off of his message. Is this deliberate? I am still trying to digest his delivery and message, so my jury on him is still out.

As well as shouting about his utopian stance on social reform, he also admitted he remained perceptive to the validity of 9/11 conspiracy theories.

“We have to remain open-minded to kind of possibility,” he said, asked by Davis whether he believed the terror attacks on the Twin Towers had been orchestrated by the American government.

via Russell Brand admits he’s ‘open minded’ to 9/11 conspiracy theories in Newsnight interview with Evan Davis – People – News – The Independent.

Fast forward to 11:22 for his 9/11 view – which isn’t much.

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Are we in an echo chamber?

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Chris,  Markus, and Jim wonder if we’re all just talking to ourselves.



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ep10-K Ham Radio

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Who? K Ham, Ab, Jiller, Gwynned, Johann Backes


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