Do we need this Brand of 9/11 help?

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The latest anti-establishment celebutard – is he hurting or helping 9/11 media fakery psyop hoax awareness? Russell is smart, but there’s something about him that turns me off of his message. Is this deliberate? I am still trying to digest his delivery and message, so my jury on him is still out.

As well as shouting about his utopian stance on social reform, he also admitted he remained perceptive to the validity of conspiracy theories.

0;We have to remain open-minded to kind of possibility,” he said, asked by Davis whether he believed the terror attacks on the Twin Towers had been orchestrated by the American government.

via Russell Brand admits he’s ‘open minded’ to 9/11 conspiracy theories in Newsnight interview with Evan Davis – People – News – The Independent.

Fast forward to 11:22 for his 9/11 view – which isn’t much.

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17 thoughts on “Do we need this Brand of 9/11 help?

  1. xileffilex

    Brand has now been sent into keep the masses quiet about the reset taking place [video sent to me by a friend]…
    The Great Reset – crackpot conspiracy theory or fact – January 24 2021, just in time for Davos 2021
    Once a gatekeeper, always a gatekeeper. Clever stuff, no need to mention Klaus Schwab or that the Great Reset is a book or artiifical intelligence, digital currency, the imf. Nothing to see folks, there’s no secret cabal. No need to mention the IMF, the BIS, the WEF.
    “…the verifiable fact that there’s a global pandemic” – your take-home message. Young people move along please now. Whatever you do, don’t dip into Klaus and Theirry’s book, or watch anything with The Great Reset in the title, you might find out what’s in store, they’re just crayzee conspeeracee theeerorees.

  2. xileffilex

    The Guardian described these cosy, staged exchanges, with Evan Davis laughing most of the time, as fractious…
    It made me think of Dave Spart.
    On Thursday night, Brand appeared at a Guardian live event with the author and commentator Owen Jones. Explaining his call for a revolution, he told the audience: “Democracy has been taken away from us.”

    Jones is another one to watch – gay, Oxford “educated”, Guardian journo, “left wing”….author of The Establishment: And how they get away with it
    Obviously a very dangerous anti-establishment character [not] like Brand.

  3. Jiller

    Are they in on it? Technically yes, but my thinking is, this all somehow relates back to the systematic mind control programming that appears to have included childhood, ritual abuse. Maybe it started before but it seems like it took off big time after WWII with the full force and backing of the intelligence communities with the goal of causing dissociative identities. And what a perfect way to control a story line (short of sims because you do need some real people in all stories), than to have them compartmentalized in their own mind. That then makes sense to me, as to how these people can report on and act in, these ridiculous stories and then go home to continue their lives normally. I’m fairly sure many, if not a majority, of hollywood types, actors and the likes, were abused as children and are now mentally compartmentalized. So then, why wouldn’t the “journalists” and news people, especially those in the ranks of the hollywood stars, be the same…they’re of that ilk.

    1. ab Post author

      I think that sounds like mk ultra propaganda. Good old peer pressure and money probably work just as well. The K. I. S. S. principle applies here like it does everywhere else.

  4. khammad

    Could it be that your not in on it unless you have to be?

    Social protocol naturally promotes those that tout the party line, regardless of how fake.

    I remember when a teacher union guy approached me to do an ad for the upcoming levy. Wow. I felt special. I said whatever they wanted me to say so that I could be on the commercial. And by the way, I signed a statement saying I actually said the thing they wanted me to say.

    I can see how people naturally say what is expected without thinking about it much.

    Now that I see reality a little more clearly, would I do that again? I hope I would say no.

    People don’t think in terms of truth or false when choosing what to believe. Do people who choose to believe that kids died at Sandy Hook say to themselves: I am false in my believe that all those kids died, and I am happy with that. No, they do not. What about all those entertainers who performed songs for Sandy Hook?

    Perhaps people choose what to believe by the advantages it will gain them. Entertainers must have to agree verbally with what they are doing when it supports the party line. Just one more step forward and they now believe what they are doing is for the common good. I would bet they do not talk with each other about how they are putting one over on the public.

    If entertainers took a lie detector test on what they chose to believe, they would pass.

    That is the advantage of social control mechanisms: they are not only useful for the public, but for the the majority of the entertainers as well.

    Because of this, only a few people really need to know the truth.

  5. Carys

    Controlled opposition. Distraction. Just another joker puppet at play.
    A Willy Wonka for our times, inviting us to his world of “pure imagination…”

    Here’s good ol’ @rustyrockets himself, “Brand-ed” with his 33 tattoo, performing to Beatles songs at the huge occult ritual that was the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony:

    Who is the eggman? I guess we’ll never know.

    1. Carys

      More astroturfing and entertaining shillery from British ‘Messiah’, and ex-Mr. Kitty Purry, Russell Brand with his new controlled opposition movie The Emperor’s New Clothes (released 24th April 2015):


      “It doesn’t have to be like this… Things can change.”

      A former presenter of Big Brother’s Big Mouth, Brand is pied-piping his followers to who knows where.

      Roll up for the Mystery Tour!

  6. xileffilex

    That was a cross post,Tom. The dangerous BBC or other media types are the foreign correspondents. It they are not recruited or close to the security services, I’d want to know why. Brand is too clever to be a useful dupe. The pseudo intellectuals who read the Guardian are idiots, because they swallow that Snowden garbage whole [because it comes from the security service infested Guardian] I hear it and read it all the time.
    Psyopticon was a curious creation. Perhaps this was a truth used to bury himself more deeply? “Tavistock” is I suspect the false trail here, a word which Edna bandied around a bit too readily when he got riled.

  7. xileffilex

    A guy called Rollandsmoke fingered Brand as long ago as the Woolwich Rigby hoax as being embedded. I think Rolland was on the money. You can search him.
    I didn’t realise Rolland had made a video or two until just now. [ a year later] although they don’t feature Brand. The Woolwich hoax was interesting for using a largely amateur working class cast to give extra credbility. No doubt the people with degrees from Cambridge or those who passed out from Sandhurst were watching how the masses received this “credible” hoax via the always onside media. Cheeky chappies are more likely to be believed than a retired MoD civil servant or pathologist who just “happens to be passing” a staged event. What’t’s next?…

    1. Tom Dalpra

      As I was writing my original post I did start to have that feeling that I may well be wrong.

      It would show me how convincing these creations can be to someone as sceptical as me, if he does prove a dark eyed player. You could say the long-haired bearded , rock’n’roller-type is too close to me. Interesting.

      Though maybe a cross-post in that I stuck in a ‘political correspondent’, I was drawing from personal experience. A BBC comedian who I saw on stage recently, seemed relevant.

      Is Brand really too intelligent? I’ll have a look for this Rollandsmoke. Failing that, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

  8. Tom Dalpra

    Ah, ok. You think everyone in the media is ‘in on it’?
    I don’t ( if that’s what you mean ab) I know people ‘in the media’, who are duped. I would not class that as ‘in-on-it’.

    As a child I holidayed with the family of the BBC political correspondent.

    To assume ‘everyone else’ in the media is ‘in on it’, strikes me as being a complete generalisation.
    I may well be wrong about Brand and he may well be an agent, but I don’t think it’s a given at all.

    Surely we see that stars can become useful dupes.
    Psyopticon made some effort to call Brand a complete ‘Tavistock creation’: his every move scripted.
    I tend to think he’s been groomed without knowing it.

    I think that unwitting agents of propaganda can make for safer and more convincing ones in some instances.

    I watched a talented British comedian doing standup the other day. He about 55, writes scripts for the BBC. He went into a quite passionate aside regarding Syria and Islamic fundamentalism.

    Is he ‘in on it’. A knowing agent of propaganda? – No way. I could tell he was just another total dupe thinking he’s on the side of the goodies. A nice man getting it totally wrong.
    He writes scripts for the BBC.

  9. Tom Dalpra

    I think he’s genuine. IE , however contrived the guys’ life is, he thinks he’s doing a good thing. He just doesn’t realise the level of the control.

    He’s been on mainstream US television calling Snowden a hero and he’s never far from bringing the Climate bullshit into it. He’s still standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the ( we fall for it again) Occupy Dissent-type crowd; they with the old identikit rent-a-revolution optor fist logo.

    It’s very mainstream alternative. We know you can’t be on Newsnight unless you’re useful to the mainstream’s agenda. Why would they?

    Russell doesn’t get this…yet…will he ever, I wonder?

    I think he’s a useful dupe.
    Maybe I’m wrong, and he’s a Geldof type agent – a great actor – but I’ve seen his films…

    Time will tell.

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