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Zach coming to Canada?

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Another good commentary on the Ottawa shooting shooting hoax. Stephen Harper is actually our Prime Minister, no President – but we get the point. Remember Zach if you want to come to Canada that we’re 10 years behind the US in everything generally. No nation will be safe from these psyOp hoaxes.

Let’s fix this broken down car

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Zach may be dismissive of me, but I still like what he has to say when it comes to the frequency of psyOp hoaxes, starting around 1:22. If we keep ignoring and pretending these psyOps hoaxes don’t exist, then they’ll only get more frequent and brazen.

I agree with the use of numerology, the “coincidence” of drills at the same time of hoaxes. In fact, I agree with most of which Zach has to say. There’s no doubt he is a good and prolific speaker.

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Propaganda Post

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postThe National Post has never made money. Ever. In 16 years. So why does it exist?

Back when I was stuck in the left/right paradigm, I was happy to see a right wing paper. Perhaps it started with good intentions, but now it’s clearly a globalist, terror promoting, dialectic generating, psyOp/hoax meme base of direct propaganda. It’s shameless promotion of agitation and division, with verbatim support for all psyop hoaxes is too blatant for words.

Therefore it continues at any cost. As part of a larger corporation, it can go on forever lying and losing money, harming the masses with its fear p0rn and propaganda.

When one looks at irreconcilable stories/situations with a fakeologist/propagandist perspective, they make far more sense.


Postmedia Network Canada Corp. (TSX:PNC.B) (TSX:PNC.A) says its losses deepened in the fourth quarter as revenues dropped 13 per cent, weighed down by weaker print and digital advertising sales.

The Toronto-based media company, owner of several newspapers and websites including the National Post, says it had a $49.8 million net loss, or $1.24 per share in the most recent quarter ended Aug. 31.

via Postmedia loses $50m in fourth quarter | Toronto Star.

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