The 9/11 martyrs

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All good have official investigators and whistleblowers to keep real people from getting involved. Simon summarizes many of the investigators and their strange demises.

It looks like no one knows WHEN EXACTLY these supposed 0;9/11 martyrs” showed up at Heaven’s door. Funny, innit? In any case, Deborah Simon’s “uncertain date of death” appears to be a hallmark of the various alleged “ & whistleblowers” who get “mysteriously whacked” – a ploy clearly designed to instill anguish / terror amongst honest / independent researchers. It is nothing but an extension of the emotionally-charged “vicsim” ploy – which has served the 9/11 perps quite nicely to this day – and it appears that Phil Jayhan plays along with these ‘pre-packaged’ / boringly rehashed schemes. In any case, Jayhan’s own antics of late (dodging any questions regarding Debbie in crass & clumsy fashion) are more than telling – and rather amusing, if you ask me!

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