DNA and 9/11

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DNA on a bottle can convict someone of a crime? Even if you believe in the 0;science” of DNA, it’s quite the coincidence that this “crime” was solved 12 years later based on this weak (fabricated) link.

Thirteen years ago, police described the deliberate burning of the Hindu Samaj Temple a hate crime. On Tuesday, two Hamilton men pleaded guilty to the post- attack — one the court is now calling “mischief.”

A victim impact statement from the Hindu community, read by Crystal Tandon, illustrated the devastation and loss the community faced after the arson, describing it as “our very own 9/11.”

via Two sentenced for Hamilton temple arson, as victims forgive.

The purpose of this story is to simply reinforce the myth, even in Canada. It’s believable that anyone could have purposely committed arson in retribution for the 9/11 mythical crime by Muslims. There’s no doubt in my mind that real conflicts have festered and have been fanned by the hoaxsters of 9/11. This is where reality mixes with confusion, which further keeps people from checking the veracity of the 9/11 official story.

Their media keeps the divide high in the mind of everyone on a daily, worldwide basis. This divide and conquer strategy of tension was a primary purpose of the hoax. This is a real concept with real consequences. It’s classic Hegelian dialectic.

On a side note, it’s sad that the (propaganda) article did not mention that Hindus are NOT Muslim, yet their temple got the worst of the event. It’s doubtful that the writer (sim or otherwise) even knows this simple fact (as clearly the convicted didn’t either), but by ignoring this basic fact, the article further sews confusion and ignorance.

Another recurring oddity in these court stories is the lawyer involved. A cursory google search of Peter Boushy reveals very little and strange cases, which makes one wonder if the persona exists in a real or staged law practice.

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